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Hello, people of the internets...

Welcome to THE REPUGNANT PLAYHOUSE, a blog dedicated to reviewing and discussing some of the most insane and extreme films this disgusting planet has to offer. Originally starting as a MST3K style podcast, TRPH has turned into more of an outlet for my personal views on genre films, and I how I react, or come to term with certain taboos. In today's society where it's particularly easy to offend just about anyone, I always felt that film was the best form of artistic expression to say "fuck you" to the masses, and this blog CELEBRATES challenging cinema. Sure, a ton of the stuff I watch are mindless gore-fests, but there have also been a lot of films that have challenged me, and rocked me to my core. 

If you're into the extreme, and unrelenting... dig through my blog. I'm sure I covered quite a few films you might be curious about, so check 'em out and let me know what you think!

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