Monday, September 30, 2019

Social Media Censorship: An Artist's Nightmare

I think one of the hardest things for any artist out there to do, besides putting money away to complete projects, marketing, pitching your idea, etc etc, is dealing with mainstream social media bias. I see it constantly. An artist is banned from instagram for painting a picture of a nude woman, a filmmaker is banned on twitter for sharing photos of their upcoming horror film, and even for me recently, getting removed from instagram and facebook for being "unsuitable material". You think you covered all the bases, including various labels and warnings posted in bio's and sites making sure that people know that your content might not be suitable for some certain viewers. One asshole slinks in, reports it, and facebook, instagram, twitter, or who ever the fuck, gives it the ban hammer. Most of the time it's for the dumbest shit, then you fight the claim and you can usually get it overturned pretty fast. What about the prolonged bans or even permanent bans? Or better yet, what about the artists who rely on social media to sell and display their work? Why do the elites at facebook get to decide what's suitable for me to watch?

Literally, most of what you can show, versus what you can show, doesn't even make sense most of the time. One of my friends got banned on facebook for a few days because he posted a violent image from a horror movie, but you can share posts of animals getting beaten to death because it's spreading some kind of message against it. Even recently, filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska were banned from twitter for sharing photos from their most recent film, Rabid (remake of the David Cronenberg film of the same name). In a time where the internet is so important for creative types to get their work out, why do we let a small group of corporate assholes judge what anyone posts on the internet. I mean, duh, they obviously have to look out for creepy shit like real-gore, child porn, and other horrendous material, but you can't tell me that a painting, a film, or a piece of music is more offensive than seeing a video of some guy slice his wife's throat open for cheating on him (saw that on facebook once, where were the censors then?).

It's a love and hate relationship, because I can sit here and shit on social media all I want, but I rely on them because they help me get my message out. It's like, social media is the overbearing parent that took cool shit away from you if they deemed it to offensive. There needs to be a better process to weed out actual terrible shit, and obvious art made my some-what level headed people. I guess it's a battle we all must face, especially in an era where just about anything is considered "too offensive", and like I always say, if you don't like the content and find it offensive, just turn away and don't make a big stink about. That's why I have a warning that appears when you first come on to this site. It's an annoyance we all have to deal with, though. It sucks, but all we can do is support our shit in anyway possible.

Can we bring back forums? Or if you know any good ones let me know, unless that shit went extinct.

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