Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Basses of Death: A Brief Look into my Short Discography

It's been about 7 years since I last played a gig, and close to 4 year since I've recorded anything. Life throws you curveballs, and it's a damn shame when those curveballs keep you from slamming around on stage with your buds. I still play and practice constantly, but there's truly nothing like being on stage, and ripping through uber fast and severely brutal tunes. It's an incredibly feeling. Even just practicing with a bunch of dudes and writing new material was a blast. The nostalgia of it all has been punching me in the face, especially when you have things like Facebook, and all it does is remind you of all of the awesome shit you did nearly a decade ago. Lately, it's been getting out of control, considering Naegleria's been broken up for 7 years, and every time I log on to social media, I'm hit with old live action shots, flyers, and videos of all of us doing what we loved best... play death metal. I figured this would be a pretty fun time to introduce some of you folks to a couple of the EP's I played bass on, and to discuss the great memories behind making these pieces of music.

Naegleria - Some Kind of Brain Eating Amoeba (2011)

I was in a couple "bands" in high school, but it was pretty hard to find people motivated enough to play really heavy metal. When I was 13 or 14 I really started getting into death metal. Of course I started with the O.G.'s such as Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Immolation, Death, and Suffocation, but my taste in this stuff just kept getting heavier, and nastier. In comes Rayne, who was the older brother of one of my closest buds, and in 2008, he had just formed an early incarnation of Naegleria with drummer Matt Clark. We all worked at the same restaurant, and after a couple months of prodding and figuring out what I'm into, he asked if I would be interested in playing bass for his band. I'm not going to go deep into a detailed history of the band, but I thought it was a pretty decent origin story.

Naegleria would eventually become a five piece consisting of Joel Krantz on vocals, Rayne Purcell on guitars/vocals, Tom Caron on guitars, Myself on bass, and Matt Clark on drums. With 4 years and a few dozen shows under our belt, it was a wild fucking ride, and I mean fucking WILD. The band would eventually come to an end in 2012. I've been asked by Joel several times to upload the entire EP onto youtube, so today, I said fuck it, and finally did it. Check it out, give it a listen, and let me know what you think.

Müłçh - nooneisrightandnothingisreal (2016)

5 years later, "Mulch" was formed. I wasn't the first bassist for the band, but due to the original bassist not working out, I was asked to play bass. I was joined again by Rayne on guitar, Mike Jacques on vocals, and we had a fictional member of the band who went by J. Quinn. It was definitely more a studio thing than anything else, cause well... we never played a show. It was discussed a couple times, but it was pretty cool enough just writing and recording some music. Mulch was a pretty weird band. It was a mix between super fast grind mixed with slower post-metal type of stuff. I got to experiment a lot with the bass lines, which was a first for me. When it came down to playing bass on the Naegleria EP, I pretty much played along with the guitar, kind of adding the technical aspect to metal bass playing. With Mulch, however, it was fast and brutal, but with some of the soundscapes Rayne came up with, I added weird, melodic bass-lines over it to make it sound insane. It was a very fun process, making those songs, and I'm surprised we haven't done anything else with it. The whole EP is on youtube and soundcloud, so I'll link them down below!

I don't think I'm never not going to be in a band or record something again, but in the mean time I'm just going to keep on writing, and pondering on the good times I had slamming on stage and recording music with my buds.


Naegleria and others playing a basement show with Obsidian Tongue and Betrayed by Prophecy after getting kicked out of a VFW

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