Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Repugnant Review: Camp (Kyanpu) (2014) - Ainosuke Shibata

Directed and Produced by Ainosuke Shibata

Starring Miyuki Yokoyama, Rei Ayana, and Peach Momomiya

"Camp" is a Japanese "rape and revenge" thriller (a la I Spit On Your Grave) directed by Ainosuke Shibata. The film is about two sisters who wind up at an abandoned camp-site after they crash their car. At the camp, they run into five men who happen to be escaped mental patients who have uncontrollable sexual fetishes. They all go by small nicknames that link them to their particular fetish. There is Pyro (pyrophiliac), a psycho who can't get it up so he rapes women with a grill lighter; Hypo (hypoxiphilia), a retard who gets off at depriving his victims of oxygen; Necro (necrophilia), who only has sex with corpses (duh); Copro (coprophilia), a very silly weirdo who loves to drink piss and eat shit; Lastly, we have Thanatos (thanatophilia), the more sympathetic character who is obsessed with pain and death. Our two victims are tortured mercilessly by these men in incredibly sadistic and depraved ways, and it isn't until one of the sisters escapes (with the help of Thanatos), and finds help in murdering these psychos from the help of the mysterious vigilante Misaki (played by porn-star Miyuki Yokoyama, who ironically has no nude/sex scenes).

The great Troma Entertainment released this film as a double feature with Hitch-Hike (another film directed by Ainosuke Shibata) called "From Asia with Lust Vol. 1". The only gripe I had with this is that it was marketed as a Japanese "pink" film, aka, Japanese soft-core porno. I mean, if I was to think this was erotic in anyway, I think I would question my mental state, because I didn't find this erotic at all. Other than that, this works really well as a traditional American "rape and revenge" movie, very similar to (as I stated before) I Spit On Your Grave. The scenes of rape and sexual torture were genuinely disturbing and pretty damn disgusting. There were also some moments I giggled at, and it was all dialogue based. There was one line that made me laugh in particular, and it's when the shit eating deviant Copro says, "I can't stop thinking about the younger ones stinky butt, It looks so good! Excuse me miss? Can I take a peek at your flower? No, No! It's ok! I just want to lick away that shit from your butthole!". It's fucked up, but the inner man-child at me thought it was a little funny.

I was surprised. It wasn't that bad, at all. The torture and rape was brutal and hard to watch at times, and the ending revenge towards the sickos was pretty fun to watch. There were a couple digital effects in there that looked way out of place, but it's a low-budget feature that nailed everything else. Decent acting, fun violence, beautiful women, and fucked up villains. If those aren't the ingredients to a fucked up Japanese sexploitation flick, then I don't know what. If you want to check this film out I'll link the Troma store to this flick down below. I'm sure it's on youtube for free somewhere, but you'd be a great fucking person by buying it and supporting independent art. I'll get around to the other film on the Dvd, Hitch-Hike, eventually, but I got a lot of great stuff to watch in my endless stack of movies. Let me know what you think, and send me some suggestions!

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