Friday, January 5, 2018

Judas and Jesus by Olaf Encke and Claudia Romero (2009)

It's been awhile since I've reviewed an animated short on here, and I really missed finding weird cartoons. This would of been perfect for my holiday run of reviews, but I just found this a few days ago. Judas and Jesus is an insanely vulgar and satirical animated short based on the story of Judas' betrayal. Olaf Encke co-directs (with Claudia Romero) and writes this blasphemous short, with the base of story being around Judas' perspective of this hilariously preachy and pathetic Jesus Christ, and how much he finds this person to be such a stuck up and judgemental prick. Judas is almost depicted as a hero in this, well, to me at least. He strays from the rest of the heard, and follows his own rules. He drinks, smokes, and wants to fuck everything in sight, whereas Jesus, preaches about this, and gains a following of literal sheep. Jesus, as I said, is a pretentious and self-righteous douchebag in this short, and I really love the satirization of him literally dying to be martyred for being the superior person. If you can look past the incredible amount of animal titties, sex, and all around vulgarity, this is honestly one of the funniest animated shorts I've seen in quite some time. It's brutal, but it's also a very smart satirization of Jesus Christ and Judas. What if Judas was really the good guy in all of this?

How could I forget the third most important character in this wonderful little short, Maria Magdalena. Maria was probably the most interesting character in Judas and Jesus, as she's kind of the in between compared to Jesus and Judas. Will she sway towards the darker side of life like Judas? or the lighter side of life with Jesus? It isn't until we see this scene in the short where Jesus scolds Maria for being sexy, basically, and Judas tells him off. She then finds herself and becomes this wild hooker with her own sex club. What makes this interesting is that, even though we saw these characters grow up together, Maria changes the most. She was once this sweet and innocent little goat girl, and she grows up to be this woman who's trying to find herself in this new biblical world. It's great, and it really makes you think about the choices you'd make whether or not you had to deal with Jesus, or Judas (in this short at least).

Other than the great plot and characters, Judas and Jesus is also one of the best looking animated shorts in recent memory. The character design was great, and just the fluidity of the animation was perfect. You know just by watching this that the people who made this put there entire "soul" into this thing. It's honestly a feast for the eyes, and who knew I would enjoy watching goat lady boobs as much as I did. It's vulgar, smart, hilarious, and just a great animated short overall. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself, I'll link it below.

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