Friday, October 20, 2017

Rock and Shock 2017 - Worcester, MA

So like I said in my previous review for FETUS, I went to Rock and Shock last weekend. My girlfriend and I went Saturday, and to our surprise, it wasn't really packed. Which honestly, was great for us. I'm a big awkward nerd, and being stuck in big crowds isn't my thing. This blog post is essentially my favorite highlights from this years Rock and Shock. The booths, the merch, the celebrities, and a neat little shorts panel I checked out. So lets get into the goods... here's my Rock and Shock experience.

Before we did anything, my girlfriend buy's a mug from Wild Bill's Soda, a company that makes soda the old fashioned way. The drinks were ridiculously good, but the best part was the fact that you could get free refills all day. Much better than spending $5 on a bottled water (I mean, it's unhealthy as fuck, but I'm a glutton anyway). After that we made turn to one of many lanes in the convention, and the first see is an amazing Lucio Fulci bobble head. I almost got one of these on Rotten Cotton last year, and considering these were a little cheaper than the RC ones, I had to get it. The first thing I see, it the first thing I buy. How compulsive is that? I got the bobble head from a both called "We <3 Michelle Bauer", and they also threw in a Michelle Bauer Scream Queens trading card, and the soundtrack to The Beyond. Too fucking cool, and a solid buy if I do say so myself.

Directly behind me, was the Troma booth. The only thing that really pisses me off about the Troma booth every year, is that Lloyd Kaufman is never here! What the fuck, Lloyd? But Troma convention guy Ron Mackay is a super nice guy, so I got over it. I picked up 5 movies from Troma (and I totally regret not getting that Toxic Avenger hot sauce). I picked up Pro-Wrestlers VS Zombies, something a friend and I have wanted to see for awhile, VHS Massacre, an amazing documentary on Cult films and the decline of physical media, Symphony in Blood Red, which is a giallo style film, Electric Apricot: The Quest for Festeroo, Les Claypool's directorial debut, and a compilation called From Asia With Lust, which featured 2 really sleazy japanese rape and revenge flicks (it was buy 4 get the 5th free so why not). I really wish I brought more money, but I was trying to be good, and one day I'll eventually have the money to buy ALL THE TROMA STUFF.

In the early afternoon my girlfriend wanted to check out a Short Film panel happening on the 3rd floor. It seemed pretty interesting, and there were a couple shorts that really stuck out for me. One was called The Root of All Evil, which was about a pagan Halloween tree that killed all those who disrespected Halloween tradition. The second one I can really remember was called Mannequin, a short slasher about a killer store Mannequin who kills retail associates at night. It was a fun little panel, and I was pretty impressed with the shorts I enjoyed. It kind of made me think about the local horror community, and the possibility of find people like this to help me on my future films. Definitely a great way to network with other filmmakers.

I remember following my girlfriend over to some Halloween bath bomb whatever booth, but passing buy, I caught a film called "FETUS" on this gore covered table. I walked right back around to check it out. I mean come on, it was called FETUS. The booth was a film company called Morbid Vision Films, and man at the helm of this incredible booth was Brian Paulin. I picked up FETUS and bought another one of his films called Blood Pigs, which he told me was voted "Goriest Film of 2010" by Rue Morgue Magazine. I could say no. Just take my money and let me whine about it later, I NEED FETUS AND BLOOD PIGS. After that I picked up a few posters; a couple Japanese Godzilla ones, a poster for the collector's edition of They Live, and Frankenhooker. Buy 2 get 2 free, which is pretty awesome for a con. Actually, this is one of the cheapest cons I've ever been too. Even some of the same collectibles I saw at Boston Comic Con that appeared at Rock and Shock (such as some of the Living Dead Dolls) were $20 to $30 dollars cheaper. The only really thing you'd be spending a lot of money on at Rock and Shock, was meeting the celebrities. Speaking on celebrities...

I only met two famous people at Rock and Shock this year, but they were the ones that counted the most in my opinion, and a lot of the other celebrities I've met at past Rock and Shocks, or other events. The first person I met was actress Barbara Magnolfi, from one of my favorite films ever made, Suspiria. She was honestly too great, and a very nice lady. She left a fun Olga quote, signed her lithograph, and took a photo. Meeting one of the greatest giallo actresses from one of my favorite films of all time was just a dream come true. The other actress I had to meet this year was the amazing Tiffany Shepis. I've talked about her countless times on this blog, and I could definitely rank her in my top favorite Scream Queens of all time. We was just as great as I thought she was. Very personable and loved to interact and chat with fans. We talked about Scarecrow (check out my old Scarecrow podcast!) and a few of her other films, such as Tromeo and Juliet, Night of the Demons, Sharknado 2, and Bonnie and Clyde VS Dracula. I'd definitely love to meet her again, and maybe do some kind of interview for The Repugnant Playhouse!

That was basically my day at Rock and Shock. I feel like I'm a direct kind of guy when it comes to cons. I search for the stuff I really like, and I don't dilly dally too much at booths. I was there for about 5 hours, which was more than enough time for me to look at everything. It was definitely a fun afternoon, and I had a blast meeting all the people I met. I truly hope cons like this never disappear, because conventions like Rock and Shock are the best for those true genre fans. It really caters to the blood hounds and gore fiends in us all, and I'll obviously be back again next year.

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