Friday, October 6, 2017

Repugnant Review: Hanna D, The Girl From Vondel Park (1984) - Axel Burger

What's up you Repugnant motherfuckers, enjoying the fall already? Whats a better way to ring in October than watching some sleazy, trashy, and depraved cinema. I found one you sickos might enjoy, and it's called "Hanna D, The Girl From Vondel Park, directed by sleaze maestro Axel Burger (real name Rino DiSilvestro) and according to the DVD box, this film was saved from a bankruptcy auction in Rome. Thank fuck this film was found, because Severin Films took this nearly forgotten movie and restored it for our viewing pleasure. Hanna D is a brutal exploitation film following the torment of a young girl after she becomes a prostitute to support her drunken mother. This is what I call "An Extreme Morality Tale", because it really reminded me of those anti-drug films from the 30's and 40's. Like "Reefer Madness" or "Marihuana", but on bath salts.

The first thing I found particularly distressing right off the bat was that you didn't know how old Hanna was. The actress who played Hanna, Ann Gisel Glass, looked like she could of been 16, or 17, and seeing someone so sweet and innocent shoot up dope and fuck guys for money, it makes you squirm a bit. There are also very cringe-worthy scenes of drug use through out the entire film. It's almost too realistic, and considering how gritty the film was to begin with I wouldn't doubt a single moment that the filmmaker of this film cast real junkies and whores for this movie. It's a very brutal portrayal of a sweet soul cast out on the street, but it's also one of the most honest I feel. There are some pretty over the top moments in this film, but the story itself is fairly believable. There was one scene in particular though, that really made me jump and chuckle "Holy Fuck!", and I just can't ruin it for you, but it does involve a hookers asshole and a vial of dope... use your imagination.

I really enjoyed the cinematography in Hanna D. It just had some of those gorgeous "giallo" shots and angles that really caught my eye. The acting, as far as most sleaze pictures I've seen, was among the best I have seen. Ann Gisel Glass portrayed Hanna D beautifully, and Karin Schubert as her drunken mother was nearly perfect. I honestly felt bad for these characters, and what's better than actually getting into a film as nasty as this one. The exploitation elements just smack you in the face, but it's lined with some pretty deep drama, great acting, and fantastic cinematography. A great shocker overall and definitely one of my favorite exploitation films now. Like I mentioned before, you can pick up this film at Severin Films (I'll post a link below), and if you're interested, pick it up!


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