Thursday, August 31, 2017

Repugnant Review: The Sister of Ursula (1978) - Enzo Milioni

The Sister of Ursula, written and directed by Enzo Milioni, might just be one of the sleaziest giallo films I have ever seen in my life. Barbara Magnolfi (Suspiria) and Stefania D'Amario (Zombie) star as two Austrian sisters looking for their mother who abandoned them as children. After the death of their father, they were left with some money and booked into a hotel on the Amalfi coast in Italy, hoping to share the inheritance once they find their mother. Ursula (played by Magnolfi) seemed to be the most affected by her fathers death, and after booking into the hotel, she starts to have very violent visions of the lustful women staying at the hotel being brutally murdered. Her visions become real after many women from the hotel are brutally murdered by a mad man, and what makes this very nasty is the weapon used in the murders... a giant wooden dildo.

It seemed very common in the later years of the giallo genre to have a ton of nudity and explicit sex scenes, and The Sister of Ursula is what I might consider the holy grail of Italian sexploitation. The sex scenes almost stepped into porno territory, with in-your-face full frontal nudity, and a rainbow of different fetishes being explored. Ass eating, oral sex, masturbation, lesbianism, and sexy Italian women being murdered with a giant wooden dildo, it's every perverts dream. Sadly, these are the most enjoyable parts of the film, because the actual story line is quite dull, and I forgot what the hell was going on a couple times while I was watching this. You'd be watching scenes of long drawn out dialogue, and then BAM! Gratuitous sex scene for several minutes, up close bush shots, and a gruesome murder. Barbara Magnolfi and Stefania D'Amario were very fun to watch though, especially Magnolfi, who goes absolutely bat shit insane towards the end and I fucking loved every second of it.

This is giallo at it's sleaziest, and if you're looking for something purely dirty with lack of any interesting story, you should check it out. I'm not saying it's terrible, but if you're expecting something like Suspiria or A Bay of Blood, you'll be pretty disappointed. It's borderline giallo, but I'd definitely call it straight up sexploitation. If you like blood, bush, and titties over story line, then this is the flick for you, you damn pervert. I got this film in the Euro-Sleaze collection from Severin Films, along with The Sinful Dwarf and Hanna D, so expect future movie reviews with gratuitous sex and violence (and soon, dwarfsploitation!)