Monday, September 26, 2016

Herschell Gordon Lewis: A Tribute

I remember buying a copy of Basket Case on DVD when I was thirteen, and I know what you're thinking, HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS DIDN'T MAKE BASKET CASE!!! Well no shit, I was getting to that. I remember opening up the case, and seeing an advertisement from SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO. Man did it look cool, a mini catalog full of vibrant and gory pictures, most of which were from Herschell himself. Seeing ads for films like BLOOD FEAST, WIZARD OF GORE, and 2000 MANIACS, my fragile morbid mind couldn't handle it, I had to see them. Through, sadly, illegal means, I watched a couple of the movies through torrents (Remember Limewire anybody? and don't worry, I own them now) and I was floored. It was nothing I've seen before. Gross and sleazy stylistic gore at it's finest and I began cramming my head with more and more HGL. To me, movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th were child's play now, I want more sleaze and gore! Sure, the plots don't make sense, and the acting is pretty terrible, but HGL knew what he was doing when he made those films, and little did he know with his film BLOOD FEAST, he would create an entire new genre. Splatter came bashing in, and soon the world was obsessed with violent and sleazy cinema. Not only is he the "Godfather of Gore", he's considered in my book as the "God of Extreme Horror".

Sadly, as most of you know, Herschell Gordon Lewis passed away today. He was 87 years old. I'm sure that this was a huge blow to everyone who loved him, and his work. In honor of Herschell, I'm definitely going to be playing BLOOD FEAST, and many more of his films tonight, as I'm sure many are doing. Rest in Peace Herschell, The Godfather of Gore!

- Jake.

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