Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I started off really not liking these, mainly the first one, but after every other film (so far) after THE DEVIL'S EXPERIMENT, they seem to throw something new at me. FLOWERS OF FLESH AND BLOOD was a nicely filmed gore movie, a samurai butchering women and keeping their body parts in fish tanks. It was cool, and entertaining. Before I even got into part 3, HE NEVER DIES, I thought it was just going to follow the same GUINEA PIG method... torture and dismember a female in a bunch of gruesome ways. Man, was I wrong. Even though it still had all the gore and awesome special effects, I'd consider HE NEVER DIES more of a black comedy. This 39 minute movie was a fun watch, but before I get into any more info, I'll tell you a little bit about it.

What would you do if you found out that you couldn't die? I have no idea what the fuck I would do, but the main character for this film knows how to put that power to some good use. HE NEVER DIES follows a man by the name of Masatosh, trying to live the best life he can, but after getting repeatedly yelled at by his boss, and getting turned down by the office babe, he finally loses it. Masatosh tries to kill himself. Silly shit to be killing yourself over, but this is Japan after all, and with the country having the most amount of suicides per year in the entire world, I guess it makes sense. The only problem is, Masatosh can't die. He finds with out after trying to cut his wrists. Masatosh tries a bunch of other methods, but nothing could kill him. Finally, the idea pops into his head. He's going to use his new powers to scare the shit out of the man who stole is woman, and it's fucking awesome. It was set up so perfectly, and you just couldn't help but giggle the whole way through. The kicker for me, especially this being a GUINEA PIG film, is that no one dies. Masatosh just wanted to scare the shit out of those who did him wrong, and it was just great.

Who ever works on the special effects for these movies should win a fucking Oscar. The first scene when he tries to kill himself by cutting his wrists, it looked pretty real. I even got weirded out when he was digging the knife into his wrist without feeling any kind of pain. It looked awesome. I really wish they got the decapitation on camera though, because towards the end, it just cuts to him with his head sitting on the table. That was pretty funny though, and when the terrified woman and man begin to clean up around Masatosh's head, he just mocks them. It was a pretty entertaining scene to say the least. I would definitely recommend this to people, especially if they're looking for something that is more than just straight up torture. If anyone is interested in checking it out I'll post the youtube video below, and let me know what you think! Enjoy!

- Jake

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