Friday, June 10, 2016


Here we are again folks, going into day 5 of GUINEA PIG WEEK, and it's been quite the fucking adventure. Today, we enter the 5th installment of of the GUINEA PIG series, ANDROID OF NOTRE DAME, a tongue in cheek gory science fiction movie with midgets, naked women, and robotic severed heads. I thought of it as a goofy Japanese version of RE-ANIMATOR. The film follows a demented dwarf trying to find every possible way to save his ill stricken sister. A mysterious man calls the little scientist, black mailing him into buying a female corpse to experiment on. It looks as though he might have struck genius, but he completely botches the experiment, and in a fit of rage he mutilates the corpse. Herbert West meets the Lollipop Guild... Holy shit. It's a pretty interesting movie so far. I mean, it's fairly silly, and the gore isn't too convincing, but it's been pretty entertaining nonetheless. I think the shear corniness saves it, considering this does feel as one of those "I would do anything to save a relative at all costs" type of movie.

Soon after, the stranger shows up to the midget scientists house, once again offering a corpse in exchange for money. This time, however, the scientist decides not to pay for his next cadaver, killing the visitor instead (by removing his legs with a buzz-saw booby trap), and using his re-animated severed head in a series of tests. Eventually, the girlfriend of the dead guy comes looking for her hubby, but also becomes a victim of the dwarf, thus providing him with a suitable body into which he can finally transplant his sister's 'consciousness'.

This installment seems so removed from the other movies, which really focused on the realness of the gore, and graphic violence. ANDROID OF NOTRE DAME was almost too hokey, and the special effects weren't nearly as good as they were in previous installments. It's not a terrible movie, and it is entertaining in it's own right, but it is a total let down, especially compared to MERMAID IN A MANHOLE and HE NEVER DIES. Luckily, like the rest of these movies, they're all under an hour long, making them an easy watch. I would rather recommend other GUINEA PIG films to you over this one, but if you're interested in checking it out for yourself, I'll post the video down below. Let me know what you think, and enjoy!

- Jake

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Thursday, June 9, 2016


Yes, you read correctly. MERMAID IN A MANHOLE is part 6 in the GUINEA PIG film series, and you're probably wondering why I'm going in this order. Thanks to oddly timed productions on other sequels, MERMAID was released fourth in line. Part five, and four then came out afterwards, in that order. I'm not even going to question why this happened, considering these films are incredibly weird to begin with. This part was very cool though, much less violent than the previous three, but it's definitely the most disgusting out of them. An artist, who is roaming around the sewer late at night, and finds a mermaid stranded and sick. He then takes the mermaid home, because he remembers her as a child, seeing the mermaid at a local river. Supposedly he's in the process of coping with the loss of his wife, and I guess painting a sick mermaid is going to make that better. Can this film get any weirder? Oh boy, it fucking does.

For a sea creature to be stranded in the sewers for as long as she had, the mermaid obviously got a sever infection. Throughout the movie, she begins developing wounds and boils all over her body. The makeup was great, and the pulsating, oozing pus filled sacks on her body were delightfully disgusting. What I really liked is that all the wounds had different color pus. Yellow, green, purple, red, blue... this is when the painting comes into play. The mermaid asks the artist to paint her portrait, but the paint would be her blood and pus. Weary neighbors begin to question the nasty stink coming from his apartment, but pass it off as rotten fish. Well, they're not technically wrong, considering the status of the mermaids health. She's covered in boils and oozing pus and blood from every direction. The artist has finally had enough he butchers the Mermaid, leaving body parts and gore all over his apartment. Blood begins to leak into the apartment below, and the neighbors call the cops. The artist is arrested and... well, I'd go into more, but the movie has such a great twist ending. So I'll leave it there.

I honestly loved this movie. The whole feel of it was nice. It was dark, but colorful, and it was just overall visually pleasing. The special effects may have been more on the gross side, but they looked great. I haven't been grossed out by pus in awhile, not since DEAD ALIVE at least. It was a very well made movie, and I know I won't spoil it, but the ending was fucking awesome. WHAT A TWIST. I highly recommend this, and for the reasons I stated above. It's just a fun movie, and if you want to check it out I'll post the film below. Let me know what you think, and enjoy!

- Jake

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I started off really not liking these, mainly the first one, but after every other film (so far) after THE DEVIL'S EXPERIMENT, they seem to throw something new at me. FLOWERS OF FLESH AND BLOOD was a nicely filmed gore movie, a samurai butchering women and keeping their body parts in fish tanks. It was cool, and entertaining. Before I even got into part 3, HE NEVER DIES, I thought it was just going to follow the same GUINEA PIG method... torture and dismember a female in a bunch of gruesome ways. Man, was I wrong. Even though it still had all the gore and awesome special effects, I'd consider HE NEVER DIES more of a black comedy. This 39 minute movie was a fun watch, but before I get into any more info, I'll tell you a little bit about it.

What would you do if you found out that you couldn't die? I have no idea what the fuck I would do, but the main character for this film knows how to put that power to some good use. HE NEVER DIES follows a man by the name of Masatosh, trying to live the best life he can, but after getting repeatedly yelled at by his boss, and getting turned down by the office babe, he finally loses it. Masatosh tries to kill himself. Silly shit to be killing yourself over, but this is Japan after all, and with the country having the most amount of suicides per year in the entire world, I guess it makes sense. The only problem is, Masatosh can't die. He finds with out after trying to cut his wrists. Masatosh tries a bunch of other methods, but nothing could kill him. Finally, the idea pops into his head. He's going to use his new powers to scare the shit out of the man who stole is woman, and it's fucking awesome. It was set up so perfectly, and you just couldn't help but giggle the whole way through. The kicker for me, especially this being a GUINEA PIG film, is that no one dies. Masatosh just wanted to scare the shit out of those who did him wrong, and it was just great.

Who ever works on the special effects for these movies should win a fucking Oscar. The first scene when he tries to kill himself by cutting his wrists, it looked pretty real. I even got weirded out when he was digging the knife into his wrist without feeling any kind of pain. It looked awesome. I really wish they got the decapitation on camera though, because towards the end, it just cuts to him with his head sitting on the table. That was pretty funny though, and when the terrified woman and man begin to clean up around Masatosh's head, he just mocks them. It was a pretty entertaining scene to say the least. I would definitely recommend this to people, especially if they're looking for something that is more than just straight up torture. If anyone is interested in checking it out I'll post the youtube video below, and let me know what you think! Enjoy!

- Jake

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I've probably already mentioned this story a bunch of times now, so I'm finally writing a little post about it, to explain to those "What the fuck does Charlie Sheen have to do with this fucking movie?" It's pretty damn hilarious to be honest. Do you have one of those friends who's kind of into horror movies, and asks "Hey, got any good horror movies?" I think this is how it happened, because this is something I would do. When a friend, who you know is a newbie to extreme horror films, asks if he can borrow any movies, you give him the most disgusting shit you can find. I think that's what happened to Charlie. He had a friend, who lent him a "horror movie", and he got horribly freaked out by it. I mean, some movies have bugged me before, but never enough to report it to the FBI. I always thought of Charlie Sheen as this crazy drug addict who liked getting involved in fucked up shit, and Flowers of Flesh and Blood freaks him out?! Holy shit. Well, screw my theory, let's get into the facts of this ridiculous story.

So one day in 1991, film critic Chris Gore gave Charlie Sheen a copy of Flowers of Flesh and Blood, which Charlie watched later on and freaked out. He though he had watched a real woman get dismembered by a real samurai. I mean, with all the shit he was stuffing up his nose back in the day, it kind of makes sense. What makes this even better, is that he contacts the FBI, who contact Japanese authorities. GUINEA PIG 2 even had a making of the first Guinea Pig, to prove that the special effects were all made, and not real people getting butchered. Here's a quote from the San Francisco Chronicle about the issue:

"The FBI confiscated Sheen’s tape and proceeded to investigate all involved, including Charles Balun, an early distributor of the film. Balun fiercely asserted that the film was a hoax and was merely a series of startling special effects. Propitiously, the Japanese took this time to release ”Guinea Pig Two: The Making of Guinea Pig One,” revealing the technical sleight of hand in all its bone-cracking glory. After viewing this film, the FBI backed off and dropped the investigation."

The FBI watched the movie themselves and even said "Fuck this, it's obviously fake", and turned it off. I mean the special effects are great and all, but I've seen other films with really gruesome realistic effects in them. I don't even know what Charlie Sheen was thinking at the time. For someone who drinks Tiger Blood and bangs hookers by the dozen, he really can't handle his horror films all too well. All joking a side, I can totally understand if someone can't handle such films as this, because I have friends who have limits with certain subject matter... but don't be a Charlie Sheen.


What more can I say, that already hasn't been said before. The infamous second installment in the Guinea Pig films, Flower of Flesh and Blood, is one of the most violent movies I've ever seen. The violence and gore were just out of control this time around, and the special effects just blew my mind. Absolutely gruesome. This is much much better than the first one, and this one also kind of had a story, which was nice for a change. Flower of Flesh and Blood is written, directed, and acted out by Hideshi Hono, the horror manga artist I previously discussed yesterday. Hideshi plays a samurai, who stalks, drugs, and butchers women in incredibly nasty ways. I honestly enjoyed this a lot, so let's get into some of the reasons why I find this film to be worthy of your precious time.

First and foremost, since we are talking about Guinea Pig, the special effects are incredible. I mean, for those who have seen super gory splatter films, these will definitely look fake, but they are so well done. There is actually one effect that made me cringe, and it's when the Samurai uses a chisel and hammer to cut through the woman's shoulder. The sound effects were disgusting, and really added to the gore. This would be one hell of a movie to show people who are into special effects and make up. If Charlie Sheen thought this was genuine, then they did a great fucking job. I'll actually be posting an article next about the whole Charlie Sheen mess, but let's carry on.

I liked the fact that this movie kind of had a story. A Samurai who tortures and dismembers women, DONE. This movie definitely has more to it, and I mean besides the gore and violence, Flower of Flesh and Blood had a silly but memorable character, I thought it was filmed and edited very well, the sets were nice, and this is overall a decent flick. I would absolutely throw this on for my buddies, kick back, and chill. The only thing that sucked for me was that i couldn't find a version of this movie with any subtitles, so the dialogue was completely lost in translation. I think I got what was going on though. This one just really got me excited for what's to come with "HE NEVER DIES" and "MERMAID IN A MANHOLE" (another film written and directed by Hideshi Hino).

For those interested in checking out GUINEA PIG 2 - FLOWER OF FLESH AND BLOOD, I'll post the video link blow, since I found it on Youtube. Let me know what you think, and get ready for more Guinea Pig related shit all week at THE REPUGNANT PLAYHOUSE! ENJOY!


Monday, June 6, 2016

The Art and Manga of Hideshi Hino

To keep this week in Guinea Pig mode I figured we would talk about the man who directed and wrote the two most memorable films of the Guinea Pig series, Hideshi Hino. Not only did Hideshi write, direct, and star in Flower of Flesh and Blood, but he also wrote and directed Mermaid in a Manhole, both incredibly gruesome flicks. These may be the only two movies he has directed, but his manga has attributed to other films such as, Death Train, The Boy From Hell, and Dead Girl Walking. Hideshi Hino's horror manga has been a staple amongst those into the macabre, with his depiction of heinous serial killers, wild beasts, and rotting corpses being his main forte.

Hideshi has had quite the life growing up. He was born in Qiqihar to Japanese immigrant workers in Japanese-occupied Northeast China just when Japan surrendered at the end of World War II to the invading Soviet forces. Hideshi has claimed that he was nearly killed on route to Japan by his fellow townspeople during the evacuation from China. Some of his manga have been based on his life and its events; for example, his grandfather was a Yakuza and his father used to be a pig farmer with a spider tattoo on his back. Hideshi has depicted these in his manga many times (as in Panorama of Hell). He originally wanted to get into filmmaking, but thanks to manga artists such as Shigeru Sugiura and Yoshiharu Tsuge, he began to express himself in the manga medium. He originally self-published all of his earlier work before getting his work published in the manga magazine COM in 1967. With appearances in Garo magazine and the serialized "Hideshi Hino's Shocking Theater" coming out in 1971, it was well aware that he was going to stay in that horror space. He even found a following in the shojo manga crowd, which is manga aimed at teenaged girls, thanks to his stories like Dead Little Girl and Ghost School.

I absolutely love his art style. Black and White with ink, highly detailed and grotesque. There is so much detail in every panel I see, and it's like all of the images are just popping out at you, screaming in your face. This is the kind of stuff I'm always looking for in a good horror comic. Loads of detail, and gritty as fuck. And when I mean it looks "grotesque", I mean it looks fucking awesome, and not all of it looks disgusting. Some of his artwork is just bizarre, or beautiful. I'll post some examples and links below, and a list of all of the books he has out. I highly recommend him to anyone who enjoys horror manga, or horror comics in general and art in general. Enjoy!

Interested in checking out his work? Here's a list of manga that has been published outside of Japan.

Hell Baby, The Hino Horror series: Hino Horror Volume 1: The Red Snake (赤い蛇 Akai Hebi), Hino Horror Volume 2: The Bug Boy (毒虫小僧 Dokumushi Kozō), Hino Horror Volume 3: Oninbo and the Bugs from Hell (地獄虫を食う! 鬼んぼ Jigoku Mushi Woku! Oninbo), Hino Horror Volume 4: Oninbo and the Bugs from Hell 2, Hino Horror Volume 5: The Living Corpse (死肉の男 Shiniku no Otoko), Hino Horror Volume 6: Black Cat (黒猫の眼が闇に Kuro Neko no Megayamini), Hino Horror Volume 7: The Collection, Hino Horror Volume 8: The Collection 2, Hino Horror Volume 9: Ghost School, Hino Horror Volume 10: Death's Reflection, Hino Horror Volume 11: Gallery of Horrors, Hino Horror Volume 12: Mystique Mandala of Hell, Hino Horror Volume 13: Zipangu Night, Hino Horror Volume 14: Skin And Bone, Hino Horror Volume 15: The Experiment, Hino Horror Volume 16: Who's That Girl?, Comics Underground Japan (short story Laughing Ball), Lullabies from Hell, The Art of Hideshi Hino, Dokumushi Kozō, Akai Hebi, and Panorama of Hell.

- Jake


Holy shit. I have quite the week ahead of me. These films have been on my list for awhile now, so I figured I'd start watching them this week... all of them. Earlier on facebook, because of these films, I declared it GUINEA PIG WEEK. Yes, a full week of Guinea Pig reviews and articles, just for you! Hell, I'll even link the films below for all of you to see! I'm honestly excited, because these films just have an incredible reputation around the globe that I felt I NEED to see them. Everyone I've ever talked to who is into all of the torture porn/splatter stuff always recommend these films (The first two at least). So here I am, in the Repugnant Dungeon, watching all seven of these fucking movies this week. I might have to bust out the hash for these ones...

Before I get into the first movie I'd like to talk about the history of Guinea Pig. The Guinea Pig films are a series of brutally violent Japanese films, mostly known for depicting severe torture and dismemberment. Hideshi Hino, the producer of the films (also writer and director of two other Guinea pig films, Flower of Flesh and Blood, and Mermaid in a Manhole), created the films as a way to film adaptations of his manga work. I'd love to talk more about Hideshi Hino's work, but I'll save that for another article. Besides being known for graphic violence and gore, two of the Guinea Pig movies gained national attention for a couple other things. One of the films, Devil Woman Doctor, was found in serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki's house, but for a long time it was always considered the second film, because authorities believed Tsutomu re-enacted the torture scenes from Flower of Flesh and Blood. After all the surrounding controversy, the series went out of production in Japan. Luckily it made it's way to the U.S., U.K., The Netherlands, and Austria, to be reissued on DVD. In the early 90's, the Guinea Pig gained even more infamy when movie personality Chris Gore met actor Charlie Sheen and gave him a copy of Flowers of Flesh and Blood. Sheen watched the film and reported it to the FBI, mistaking it for a genuine snuff film. This even led to the filmmakers being summoned to court, to prove that all the special effects were all fake. God damn, what a cluster fuck. The whole Charlie Sheen mess will also be turned into a separate article, just so I can more into depth about the issue. So enough of this rambling, let's get into The Devil's Experiment.

I honestly thought this movie, as a whole, was pretty terrible. I mean the bulk of the special effects that happen towards the end are pretty great, especially that eye gouge scene, but most of it didn't look all two convincing. The "story" of The Devil's Experiment is about a group of men who kidnap a women, and torture her in as many ways as possible. They begin with hitting and kicking, moving up to slashing and burning, and then the good stuff, finger nails getting ripped off and an eye getting gouged out. All of the acting was so completely fake. Just the woman's reaction to pain wasn't genuine to me, and for someone who hates anything related to finger nail torture, even that looked bad. I've got to give it up for the eye gouge though, great special effect, and it definitely got a little reaction out of me. I'm not even sure about what else to say, it's roughly 40 minutes long, and you see someone get tortured in a bunch of different ways. Maybe someone else out there will like it more that me, So I'll link the film below and let me know what you think! Enjoy!

- Jake