Tuesday, May 31, 2016

REPUGNANT REVIEW: Psychout for Murder (Salvare La Faccia) - Rossano Brazzi

I reached out to facebook today and asked for some suggestions. Only one person replied, and she told me to check out this old Italian exploitation movie "Psychout for Murder" (Also know originally as Salvare La Faccia). Psychout for Murder is a 1969 Italian thriller directed, written, and starring Rossano Brazzi. It follows the story of a young woman, Licia (Adrianna La Russa), who is taken to the mental hospital after being caught with her boyfriend, who also organized the whole escapade to black mail her father. Why is she taken to the mental hosptial? After all, teens will be teens. Licia's parents sent her away to so the family can salvage their reputation. Very shitty is you ask me. After Licia leaves the institution, she begins to carry out her revenge, especially to her father (Rossano Brazzi).

I found this movie fairly interesting. It was very well acted, and the revenge story is very well thought out. I've seen this refer'd to as a "Giallo" movie on IMDB and such, but it's really not as violent other films though would be considered Giallo, like "Hatchet for a Honeymoon" (Mario Bava) or "Deep Red" by Dario Argento, but when it does start getting violent, it is effective. This movie didn't have to have the gore to be a good movie, it had brains, and intensity. You can really see this with the main actress, Adrianna La Russa. She just sells every moment in this, absolutely crushing her family from the inside out in incredibly twisted and genius ways. She gets her brother in law to cheat on her sister, and cause her to commit suicide, she kills her ex-lover by drugging him, and tying a string from a door knob, to a gun, so when someone walks in the room, he gets blasted in the face. Like seriously, how can you not love the craftiness! All of this added with incredible acting and great cinematography, it makes for a very enjoyable movie.

My only con with the film would probably be the pacing in the beginning of the film after Licia is released. It seemed very slow, and I wasn't sure where the film was going with her, but with patience it all works out in the end. Maybe I shouldn't be too judgmental about that, cause the scenes did help add to Licia's growing hatred for her family, like scenes of her stomping on her sisters flowers, and pointing unloaded guns at her father. Adrianna La Russa was astounding, and so was Rossano Brazzi, I mean the guy wrote, directed, and played a major role in the film. Thats just astounding. What's great about this, is that the whole movie was on youtube for free, and I'll link the film below for those who would like to check it out. I very much enjoyed it, and maybe you will too. Enjoy!

- Jake


Monday, May 30, 2016


A couple weeks ago, Ty and I took a trip out to Newbury Comics at the Solomon Pond Mall with Beef, and checked out their horror selection. To be honest, it was pretty weak. The horror selection used to be pretty decent, and they even had a Troma section! I still left with a few goodies, and the best movie I took home that day was Lucio Fulci's The Black Cat. I saw it a couple times on TV years ago, and since I found this on Blu-ray I was incredibly excited to see what it looked like in its 2k restoration. I'm already familiar with the story, considering this is loosely based on the Edgar Allan Poe story of the same name, and the original story was about a man who kills his pet cat out of a fit of rage, and is then tormented by the spirit of the Black Cat. Lucio's version is fairly different. The Black Cat in this story seems to be controlled by a supernatural force, and if the cat is in your presence, it will try to kill you. The cat is owned by Robert Miles (played by Patrick Magee), a median and ex-professor who spends most of his time making EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) in crypts, and dicking around with his bitter cat. I think this movie is incredibly under-rated. It's classic gothic atmosphere, wonderful cinematography, and amazing violence is something to be truly admired. Let's take a big ol' rip and discuss why The Black Cat is one of Fulci's greatest movies.

Did I mention that this movie looks fucking astounding on Blu-ray? This has one of the best restoration jobs I've ever seen! But let's get back to the film. So like I stated before, Robert Miles is a medium who can speak to the dead, and control the mind of his cat. I really like this character, and it's probably because he has this classic Boris Karloff feel to him. Every time this cat seems to show up, he seems to attack someone, kill someone, or cause someone to kill themselves. I mean the first scene of the movie is a random guy getting into his car, and seeing a snarling Black Cat in his back seat. He looks hypnotized after looking at the cat, and slams into a parked truck, causing himself to go through the wind shield and start a fire. The cat then makes its way home, where we see Robert Miles listening to his recordings. We then cut to a woman taking photos near an old cemetery, an American photographer by the name of Jill Travers (Mimsy Farmer), discovers an open crypt and decides to venture into it. While taking photos, she finds a broken microphone, and not too long after, she's stopped Sergeant Wilson (Al Cliver) who tells her not to go in there again. The movie then cuts to a couple of teens making out on a boat. Other boaters pull beside them, so they take off to find privacy in an old boat house, where they continue to get it on. The boyfriend locks the door, and reassures his girlfriend that everything will be alright... Well, when they begin to have sex the lights go out, and the key goes missing. It looks like something bashed through the ac vent, snagged the key, and slashed the wires. Almost ridiculous to think a cat could do that. But this scene really sets up the whole movie, because later on this couple will be reported by the girls mother, Lillian Gayson (Dagmar Lasander), and an inspector from Scotland Yard comes to help out, Inspector Gorley (David Warbeck).

Jill finally tracks down Robert after searching for the owner of the microphone. He tells her he is a medium, and that there are others who possess such powers. He even tries to hypnotize Jill until the cat jumps up and claws up his hands. Pretty fucking weird scenario. This is where Robert explains that he's supernaturally tied with that cat, and that eventually the cat will kill him. I got to say, this cat is incredibly intimidating. Every scene with it in the backroom, screeching, or darting around... my god, creepy little fuck! With each murder, Jill and Inspector Gorley seem to discover something incredibly strange about the case. At every crime scene, there appears to be cat scratches on the corpses, or cat hair in the premises (besides Lillian's death, where she was burned alive... the special effects were hilarious). Jill begins to dig into the case, showing Robert photographs of the crime scenes. She later discovers that Robert has had close ties to the people who have died, including being romantically involved with Lillian Gayson many years ago. She begins to suspect Robert of possessing the cat into killing, but he says it's the cat who controls him. That night Robert even drugs and hangs the cat in front of his window, but he unleashes dark forces, and those dark forces also catch Jill in the dead of night. Robert is cursed, and even Inspector Gorley is attacked by the creature, hypnotized, and hit by a car. What a cluster fuck. This movie really plays on the old wives tale that it's bad luck if a black cat crosses your path.

The next day, Jill is certain that Robert is the killer, and breaks into his home. She searches through his office, listening to audio recordings of the dead, but when Robert suddenly comes home, Jill books it to the basement and runs into the cat, who appears and disappears before her eyes. She runs in terror, and is attacked by bats, and then knocked out by Robert. She eventually wakes up and finds her self bound and gagged in the crawl space. Robert begins to lay brick in the wall, burying her in the wall alive. He even empties out her hotel, making it look like she already left. Inspector Gorley, who survived the car crash, comes over with the Sergeant and another Inspector to look for any signs of the cat at Roberts house. They couldn't find a thing until they heard a faint cry, the whining of a cat. They come across the freshly built wall and bash it down, finding Jill barely alive, and the cat. Robert had no idea the cat was even in there, but he then tells Gorley that the cat won, and he admits defeat.

I don't see why this was so under-rated. It's a very well made film, and I can't rave about the cinematography and acting even more than I have. I think the silliest thing about this movie was the fire scene. When Lillian is set ablaze in her house, she's replaced with a very bad dummy, and every time the dummy movies the arms would wiggle around like little dildos. I very much enjoy this movie though. The cat steals the show and I'm even creeped out by it at parts. I highly recommend this for those who are into the old gothic style hammer films, but who also love a little extra blood. It's definitely not his goriest flick, but the blood and violence was used appropriately. I'll link a trailer below and tell me what you think about it. Enjoy!

- Jake



I originally got the poster back on Christmas from one of my best pals, and he was awesome enough to send it out to be framed. This is a collectors print, I think maybe 150 were printed, and the artwork is done by a guy who goes by the name GODMACHINE. This is probably the coolest piece of Tromabilia I own, other than my unopened Toxic Crusaders Card Game, and signed Citizen Toxie poster. Hanging this incredible piece over the desk tonight. Take a look at this fucking thing!


You know a movie absolutely rules when the first line you hear is "I was born with seven clits". This movie floored me, and what movie would be better to review, especially for a blog that loves and searches for all that is repugnant. Directed by the great Frank Henenlotter, director and writer of such films as Basketcase, Frankenhooker, and Brain Damage. Seeing those movie before, I knew I was in for one hell of a ride, but this took it to a ridiculous level, and I mean ridiculous in the best way. To give you a brief synopsis before I start digging into this, here's what the dvd box said: "Driven by biological excess, a young man and woman search for sexual fulfillment, unaware of each other's existence. Unfortunately, they eventually meet, and the bonding of these two very unusual human beings ends in an explosive and ultimately over-the-top sexual experience, resulting in a truly god-awful love story..." Holy fuck... I should also mention that this movie has a hip hop soundtrack, composed by Grammy Award winner Prince Paul. Let's tear into this bad bitch and see what makes Bad Biology so fucking awesome.

The movie opens up with one of the main characters, Jennifer (played by Charlee Danielson), talking to the camera about her unique... uhhh... power. Her vagina is incredibly sensitive, and thrives on orgasms. She often calls her vagoo the "mutant puss" and considers herself a "female of the future who feeds on orgasms". Absolutely nuts. But it doesn't even stop there, it gets even more fucked up. She eventually picks up this biker gang kind of dude, and brings him back to her place. They begin to get into it, and I'll explain this in a bit, but she likes to take photos of her lovers while they fuck, and towards the end of this ridiculous sex scene, she bashes the guys head in during some crazy out of control orgasm. Here's where it gets insane. She runs to the fridge and begins to eat everything, and a minute later I thought she was having another orgasm, but I was wrong... Quick cut to her in the bathroom, sitting in the tub, and then she squirts out a screaming infant! It was all malformed, covered in tumors, and she throws it away after breaking the 4th wall and telling the audience it's none of their business. Holy shit! She has a crazy mutant seven-clit puss, and gives birth almost immediately after sex. Talk about a super power. One of the quotes from some of these scenes is incredible. After she gives birth to some mutant baby, she talks about how much she hates them, but then says "I love that something is alive pushing and kicking its way out of me. Sometimes it's better than cumming". Wow. That's wonderfully fucked up. Moments later we see Jennifer at her job. She's a photographer for some magazine, taking some very sexually driven photos involving some crack whore and a bum. One of the assistants goes to her bag to get something and sees her photos. She catches him and explains to him that they are pictures of her lovers in the middle of an orgasm (or getting killed). She calls her project "Fuck Face", and honestly the photos were pretty neat. Stitched together and distorted figures of men, either at a state of pleasure, or pain. Pretty cool concept.

Pretty incredible intro if you ask me, but let's talk about our Romeo, Batz. Batz (played by Anthony Sneed) is also some kind of sex mutant, but his mutation is completely man made. He explains his condition to an imaginary woman who appears on his TV screen, all the while his dick is stuck in a massive industrial pocket pussy. He explains that he got his dick cut off by accident after the doctor mistook it for his umbilical chord... yeah... But it was reattached, never to really work again. It wasn't until he was thirteen that he realized something was wrong. Complaining about not getting any boners he did everything he could to make his cock work. He eventually started injecting his dick with steroids and it started to work again, but after years of doing this, Batz's dick became it's own being, and started to go out of control. What the shit?! Anything to get it up, and then he turns it into this half monster, half microwaved hotdog looking thing. His mutant dick does have a power though. Any woman that Batz has sex with has an everlasting orgasm. They don't stop screaming. I won't say much more, because one particular scene needs to be mentioned before I get into more of his story.

I was wondering when these two characters were going to meet, but then I finally see how this works out. One of Jennifer's assistants stops by Batz's place, and then recognizes him from school after years of not seeing him. He manages to convince Batz to do a photoshoot at his house for some rappers, only if he gets payed though. This is where he gets more drugs for his cock. He stops by his dealers place and gets a back full of random pills and liquids. Funny thing is, these special medications and steroids were for animals, so when Batz tried them out his dick started going all nuts. There's even a scene where he has to duck tape his junk down to keep it from wagging around. We then go back to his house, where we see Jennifer taking photos of Vinnie Paz and Reef the Lost Cauze (two well known underground rappers), and a couple of models with vagina masks on their faces. If I was in a band, this would be the kind of photoshoot I would want to have. I thought the pussy face masks were fantastic, and I might try and find one after writing this. This is where the connection happens. After the shoot Jennifer goes back into Batz's house looking for her phone. While walking around she hears him struggling with something, and when she opens the door we finally see the tumorous python its self. Batz struggling with his dick, and screaming at her to get the fuck out. I mean if that was me, I'd be all sorts of disturbed, but she was turned on almost immediately. Later that night she even sneaks into his house and films everything in there, and this is where this shit gets turned up to eleven.

While she's filming his belongings and rolling around in his bed, he gets back home and brings back a hooker. The upcoming sex scene was pretty boring, but the aftermath was pretty hilarious. I think the scene lasts maybe two minutes, with the hooker losing her mind in some orgasmic frenzy, and Jennifer in the other room filming the entire thing. Batz gets nervous and thinks the new animal steroids are having a negative reaction, so he did whatever rational being would do when he has a hooker going into a cum coma... he dumps her in an ally. Jennifer then realizes that he is the perfect match, and that he's the only one that can truly satisfy her "mutant puss". And this my friends, is where this leads to the incredibly fucked up finale. The next night we see Batz sleeping in bed, and then suddenly his dick starts to move. Then we get a first person shot of his dick slipping out of bed. At first I thought it was stretching out or something, but it actually detached itself from Batz body. His mutant cock then starts going house to house, banging random babes, and putting them into orgasmic comas. This montage lasts awhile, and it just shows the cock busting through the floor boards and entering these freaked out chicks. Pretty silly to say the least. Jennifer comes over after Batz realizes his dick is missing, and is distraught to find out that Batz couldn't make love to her. They both hear a thud coming from the back room, and Jennifer finds his dick, dying. Batz says it's dying from withdrawal, and tries to keep Jennifer from saving it. She even gives the tip mouth to mouth... laughed pretty hard at that. After a small scuffle with Batz, she knocks him down, and injects his dick with more steroids, bringing it back to life. Can you see where this is leading to? Well the detached cock makes it way into Jennifer, where she has this crazy orgasm and proclaims that she is being fucked by God. Moments later she wakes up, Batz is dead, the cock falls out of her and it dies, then she falls to ground, screams, and dies... they all die. Well, besides the mutated cock baby that she births at the end. Jesus fuck, that was one hell of a movie.

Bad Biology is a fucking wild ride. Mutated sex organs, violent deaths, abortions... everything a repugnant sicko like me goes for. I mean the movie does have its cons. The acting isn't that great, and they way they finally got connected was pretty forced. But all in all it was just a great little movie. It was everything you'd expect out of a Frank Henenlotter movie too, because it's basically a mixture of Basketcase, and Frankenhooker, everything to the weird mutated cock with a mind of its own, to the silly body horror of disfigured sex organs. I recommend this movie to those who aren't sexually sensitive, because 90% is sex, and it's all ridiculous and gross. So if you're into some pretty nasty mutant and gore filled sex scenes, this is for you. I'll post a link for the trailer, and where you can buy the film. Enjoy!

- Jake


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Jefftowne - Documentary Review (TROMA)

Considering the events of the week I've just been stuck in Troma mode, but today, I'd like to talk about a little documentary Troma put out called "Jefftowne". Jefftowne was directed and written by Daniel Kraus. It's a documentary that follows the life of Jeff, a man with down syndrome, and his adventures in alcohol consumption, porno mag collecting, and wrestling fanatisim. I didn't know what to think about this film at first. When I read about it, I thought it was going to be a silly exploitive kind of film following around a drunk mentally retarded man, but I was absolutely wrong... kind of. I really liked this movie, and to be honest, before I started writing this review I've already seen in a few times. This is one documentary I always suggest to people, especially if they're looking for something a little different. Everything about this film is just interesting. It's funny, sad, intense, awkward, and Jeff is just such a character to begin with, that you're just automatically interested in this person.

As funny as Jeff Towne can be, there are a lot of dark sequences. Most notably is the scene where Jeff sits down with a lady friend and they talk about this woman that Jeff met. He talks about all the weird sexual things she did to him, and even said that she stuck a needle in his arm. I was floored, and just distressed. I felt terrible for the guy. Those gritty moments don't last to long though. They're usually followed up with Jeff and his adoptive grandmother bickering to eat other, or Jeff showing his porno collection to everyone. I should also mention the scene with his foot. Jeff has terrible circulation, leaving his foot all swollen and purple. That shit looked painful, and due to his circumstances he doesn't seem to go to the doctor too often. I mention that because there was another scene where Jeff had a bunch of infected teeth and needed a bunch of them to be pulled, and since his mom can't drive (wheel chair bound), he waited until someone at the theater could give him a ride. Sheesh. This movie perfectly captures the grittiness of lower middle class living, considering Jeff's living conditions were fairly poor, and just the fairly rough life of someone like Jeff. Having no guidance and such, he would surely start collecting porn and drinking (not that collection porn and drinking is terrible), but with the needle story I mentioned above, it can lead Jeff to things such as that scenario. I definitely feel bad for Jeff, but there was a guy on the documentary that had this "theory" about Jeff, and it pissed me off. This guy goes into his theory, and how Jeff really isn't retarded and that he uses his disability to get free drinks, food, feel up chicks, etc etc. And this guy almost seems JEALOUS about it. Even is that was true, why the fuck would you be jealous about not getting away with groping chicks and getting free shit? I thought he was a dickhead, and I was glad that he was only in that scene.

I just really enjoy this movie, and I highly recommend it. As silly as some of the tag lines are, the movie is as ridiculous as it sounds. Sure, there are scenes with Jeff pounding beers and looking at porn, but there are a lot of interesting and dark parts too. It's always throwing these different scenarios at you, keeping you interested from beginning to end. I think you can buy with movie for just a few bucks on the Troma website or Amazon, and it's also on Youtube for free on the TromaMovies youtube channel (links below). Check it out, and let me know what you think!

- Jake



Jefftowne Wiki/ Jefftowne IMDB

Friday, May 27, 2016

In Memoriam: Troma's Joe Fleishaker

Last Tuesday on May 23rd I was opening up at my job and getting ready for the eight long hours ahead of me. On one of my down times I ordered some lunch, chilled out, and dicked around on my phone. Then I saw the dreadful news... Troma's biggest action star, Joe Fleishaker... has passed away. I was honestly bummed, and thought about it all day. After my long day at work, I knew I had to watch some Troma movies, and honor Joe the best way I could... gorging on some pizza and wings, and rippin' the bong.

For those who don't know, Joe Fleishaker was the actor known for being in Troma movies, including Troma's War, The Toxic Avenger 2 and 3, Citizen Toxie, Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD, Tromeo and Juliet, Terror Firmer, Tales from the Crapper, and Poultrgeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. I really consider him to be the third most recognizable Troma character, one and two being Toxie and Kabukiman, and he really takes the cake for some of Troma's most memorable scenes. Some of my favorites would have to be one scene in Terror Firmer where he's hacked with an axe and eaten by the escalator, in Citizen Toxie he played The Toxic Avengers sidekick Lardass, and his alternate character Chester, a scientist who gets by being a hooker for pastries, and how could we forget about Joe's portrayal as Subway's Jared in Poultrygeist. I remember when Ty let me borrow that movie for the first time, and my goofy immature ass lost it when Joe shit himself thin in the bathroom. With all of these memorable roles and scenes, Joe became a huge fan favorite, and he was featured in a ton of Troma's promotional videos and Troma's Edge TV. I should also mention that Joe also played Troma's co-founder Michael Herz in a lot of those promotional videos, so much that fans mistook him for the real Michael Herz. Aside from his Troma roles, he was a recurring character on The Late Show with David Letterman, either playing David's son or father. I always heard rumors of a supposed Joe Fleishaker cameo in the latest movie Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol. 2, but in July of 2012 Joe was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with heart, lung, and kidney failure. Something all too common when it comes to morbid obesity, as Joe's weight reach as high as 525 pounds. On the day Joe died, it is believed that he died from a heart attack. He passed at the young age of 62.

Joe Fleishaker will always be apart of Troma history, and in the hearts of many Troma fans around the world. If you're reading this and don't know who Joe Fleishaker is, or what Troma is, I highly suggest you go to the Troma Movies youtube page, where you can find many of Troma's films for free, including the ones starring Joe, and watch them. I highly suggest Terror Firmer, Tromeo and Juliet, Citizen Toxie, and Poultrygeist. You'll never forget any Joe Fleishaker scene after watching any of those. Troma also posted a very nice video dedicated to Joe, in his passing. All of Troma's links and the video will be linked below. There really isn't anything better than sharing these films with other people, and as I end this blog post I say REST IN PEACE JOE FLEISHAKER, WE'LL MISS YOU! :'(

- Jake



Joe's Wikipedia Joe's IMDB NY Daily News

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"Eight college students traveling to Florida for Spring Break stumble into a remote town in Georgia where they are set upon by the residents who are out to avenge their deaths by Union troops over 100 years earlier during the Civil War."

This movie is one of our personal favorites, and we consider it to be one of the best modern slashers of our time. So sit back and relax with a bowl and some grass, and listen to us review 2001 Maniacs!