Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tales from the Crypt - "And All Through The House" - Robert Zemeckis

I remember watching this when I was a little kid an absolutely being terrified. Resident creep, and great actor Larry Drake plays one the creepiest Santa's I've ever seen, and in just 22 minutes, scarred a young 6 year old Jake. Even watching it now, I can remember just running into my room and hating Santa, but of course, I got over it, and starting watching the grossest horror films imaginable (still, pretty creepy coming from the guy who brought us the Back to the Future movies, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit). Thanks to the internet, someone posted the whole thing on youtube for all of us to enjoy. Let me know what you think!

Repugnant Review: Black Christmas (1974) - Bob Clark

Everyone I've ever asked when it came to watching classic holiday horror films, always told me to watch the original Black Christmas. This one has eluded me for years, not because I couldn't find a copy of it, but mostly due to the fact that I was turned off by the remake. But that was teenaged Jake, the young ignorant pleb of a horror fan, and to make up for it, I finally took the opportunity to make it a part of my Repugnant Christmas marathon. Directed by Bob Clark, written by Roy Moore, and starring the beautiful Olivia Hussey, this movie has been a cult hit amongst horror fans for 42 years. I'm almost ashamed for putting this on the back burner, because this was actually a very good movie!

To make up a small a synopsis for the film: A group of sorority girls are stalked and murdered by a deranged psychopath that's been hiding in the attic of the house on Christmas break. Yup, a nut job escaped the nut house, snuck into the sorority house (later you find that he used to live in the house), and calls the women in the house, leaving creepy messages and eventually killing them. It's definitely more atmospheric than an all out slasher fest, almost like John Carpenter's Halloween mixed with a classic giallo movie. I'd consider myself a gore hound, but with the lack of blood, came a great story, great performances, and a truly creepy setting for any horror fan to love. Olivia Hussey was fantastic, and how could I forget the great John Saxon (Nightmare on Elm Street), he was just too cool, and their is a scene in there where he and his cop buds laugh about another member of the force for not knowing what "fellatio" was. It was played out perfectly, and I even laughed. This also had a very cool twist ending that really leaves you hanging, but I'd hate to spoil it for you. Only dicks and wikipedia are good for that.

I honestly really enjoyed this, and now I got to say that it'll be apart of my Repugnant Christmas marathon for future years to come. If you weren't swayed by the remake that came out 10 years ago, give this a watch. It was like a breath of fresh air compared with the blood soaked remake, and it just further proves that you don't need 100 gallons of gore to make a fun and interesting horror movie (SHAME ON MY TEENAGED SELF). Let me know what you think!


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Repugnant Review: Santa's Slay (2005) - David Steiman

Would could be more compelling than watching a Christmas themed horror movie where wrestler Goldberg plays a murderous Santa? NOTHING. This Christmas slasher was one of the holiday horror movies I actually enjoyed. Santa's Slay has a very interesting take on the Santa Clause story, where Santa is actually a demon who caused havoc all about the land. An Angel shows up, and makes a bet with Santa that if he could push a rock close to the edge of his fishing hole, he could stay evil, but if he loses, he must be good for a thousand years, and spread joy to the children of the world. Santa ultimately loses this bet, and must become the Santa we all know and love. One thousand years later, Santa goes back to his demonic ways and begins to reign hell and torment across the world. It's up to Nick, Mary, and Nick's weird Grandfather to stop Santa before he kills more people on Christmas. Absolutely insane.

I really liked this movie, and it hooks you in with the hilarious, yet brutal introduction to Santa murdering a family with Christmas related weapons, and Goldberg's brute strength. There was nothing funnier than seeing Santa brutally kill Fran Drescher, Chris Kattan, and Rebecca Gayheart in that opening sequence. It was funny as it was violent, and I couldn't stop watching. Even Santa's demonic buffalo/reindeer was bad ass. Lots of great practical effects and action. I was also really impressed with Santa's suit, which had that classic folky/Scandinavian style. Everything was pretty top notch, and I though Goldberg absolutely kicked ass playing Santa. The acting was overall pretty decent, and I really can't find a flaw with the film. Some people might take notice to the bad CGI job on Santa's sleigh when it shows him flying around, but for me it was easy to over look. I highly recommend this movie, and if you find it cheap online, buy it.

Let me know what you think, and more Christmas review to come!


Repugnant Review: A Cadaver Christmas (2011) - Joe Zerull

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANUKKAH, MERRY KWANZA, WHAT THE FUCK EVER. Welcome back to the Repugnant Playhouse for some gore soaked holiday reviews. I was pretty surprised at all of the Christmas horror films out there, and since I've only seen a couple in my life, I figured it was about time to branch out into this joyous and murderous genre. The first on my list happened to be the holiday themed zombie flick, A Cadaver Christmas. A college janitor teams up with a drunk, a suspended cop, and the college student/security guard to destroy zombies that a college professor unleashed inside the school. The movie is very reminiscent of classic zombie films, such as the Romero "Living Dead" series, but covered in Christmas lights, tinsel, and ornaments.

The acting was really silly and over the top, just like the script. The janitor was so intense with everyone, and I immediately disliked him as a character. The most annoying thing was that the janitor kept referring to the zombies as "cadavers", which never made sense to me. It isn't till later he starts calling them zombies, because you know, cadavers are just dead people, and zombies are the ones that wake up from the dead and eat people. The professors little story and explanation on how the zombies came to be was pretty neat, and if they actually made a story based on that alone, I think I would of enjoyed it more. The worst part is that I don't think you would have known that this was a Christmas horror movie if it wasn't for the fact that there were Christmas decorations everywhere, oh, and the name of the movie. Other than that, it's a typical Zombie movie with a goofy cast and cheap effects. The movie as a whole isn't that bad, I did enjoy some scenes, but to call this an all out Christmas Zombie movie is just asinine. I would definitely suggest this to someone who loves zombie flicks, and doesn't care about the plot and characters. Not a terrible movie, but it's just not for me.

Let me know what you think!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Jake's Top 5 Favorite Stoner Horror Movies

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, I figured it would be a great time to get legally stoned and watch some of my favorite pot related horror movies. There are a ton to choose from, but these select few really stick out to me. Let's get ripped and check out some of what I think are the greatest, and funniest, stoner horror films.


I know I know... "No shit", but a lot of people who are into the horror/comedy genre that I know, have never watched it. You've definitely got to be in a certain mindset to watch a Full Moon Feature film, considering the movies they put out (Puppet Master, Killjoy, Demonic Toys), but I love them all, and Evil Bong is no exception. Their is something awesome about an evil bong that kills you in your dreams, trapping your soul inside. It lacks in the gore department, but all of the bone-headed, stereotyped stoner humor makes up for it, with a good cast, witty and funny story, and great special appearances by Bill Moseley and Tommy Chong.


The 90's was almost the downfall of mainstream horror, except for Scream, but the 90's ended wonderfully with the release of the horror/comedy Idle Hands. Teenaged slacker and stoner, Anton (played by Devon Sawa), who's hand becomes possessed and begins killing everyone around him. Although it made a meager four million to it's twenty five million, it was one of the decades best horror films. It's slapstick horror at it's finest, with amazing practical effects, ridiculously great dark humor, and it's very reminiscent of Evil Dead 2, down to the possessed severed hand and all. My favorite characters had to be Mick and Pnub (played by Seth Green and Elden Henson), the goofy stoner duo who are friends with Anton. They fall victim to the Idle Hand in a gory, yet hilarious fashion, and they become resurrected as pot loving zombies who try to help their friend capture his demonic hand. Too fucking funny.


This is probably the best zombie/comedy in recent years, and hell of a lot funnier than anything this country puts out (Do we really need a Zombieland 2?). This German comedy follows three high school losers who get blasted by the ashes of Hatian zombies during a ritual with other people from school. When they take off in their van, they get into an accident after cabin baking the car and slamming into a tree. Next thing they know, they wake up in a morgue, and then that's when they realize that they have turned into zombies. All is well for awhile, using there newfound zombie powers to torment their tormentors, prank classmates, and try and get chicks. Everything eventually goes to hell once their urges for human flesh starts kicking in, and with the help of the goths from the ritual, they try to find a cure in the Necronomicon. This was a really good movie, with a very funny and solid plot, great actors, and it just had that nice high school buddy movie vibe to it. The gore and special effects were as gross as they were silly, especially the scene where the main character loses his balls while trying to make out with the school hottie. Totally worth checking out.


Ahhhh yessss, TROMA. There's just something about young people smoking radioactive weed and turning into mutants that makes me all giddy inside. I've seen this movie a bunch of times, and it never gets old. Shit goes down in Tromaville after a school is plagued with radioactive waste that's turning its classmates in punk loving, pot smoking, CRETINS! Anything for that "Atomic High" I guess. Just like all of Troma's movies, they're hilarious, gory, and absolutely bonkers. This is a must for stoners, with it's killer action, kick ass monsters, and awesome soundtrack, your THC infused brains will be entertained from start to finish.


A modern horror film, which is pretty rare for this blog, but the reason for this movie being on this list is mostly due to the character Marty, the silly, funny stoner character everyone wants to be. Hell, he even influenced a group of people to create their own Coffee Mug Bong and have it be available to the public. I knew I needed one after seeing it in the film. Other than that, I think what attracts stoners to this movie, is it's stylized action, and the twists that follow during the climax of the movie. For a stoner, finding out that the Cabin was a simulation only used to sacrifice teens to Ancient Gods was pretty mind-blowing. I don't think most people were expecting it, and that's where it got the stoners. I know after I got stoned and watched it, I couldn't even believe what was happening, and every time I tried to predict what was going to happen next, it shifts and destroys everything I've been trying to predict. An absolutely great mind bender for anyone stoned enough to watch it.

I really hope you like these suggestions, I know I did. Let me know what you think, and let me know if there are other stoner/horror films I should check out for the future.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Take a Load Off, Baby" (1995) - David Donar

A beautiful depiction of early childhood in Webster, Ma.

Repugnant Review: Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006) - Lloyd Kaufman

Do you have certain movies you watch several times a year, and never get bored with? Poultrygeist if definitely at the top of my list, and it's even become a Thanksgiving ritual for my friends and I. Directed and written by Lloyd Kaufman, and co-written by Gabe Friedman and Daniel Bova, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead is an outrageous comedic horror musical, packed to the gills with enough blood, gore, and politically incorrect humor to cause a riot at both whiny college campuses, and grindhouse theaters. This movie doesn't shy away from anything, making you laugh and gag at every single scene you see. I've seen this a thousand times, so I could talk about how much I love everything about this movie, but I'll go into some of my favorite aspects of the film in great detail. This movie does not disappoint.

Poultrygeist follows a fast food themed cast of characters who work in a military themed restaurant called American Chicken Bunker, which happened to be built on top of the Ancient Troma-Hawk Burial Ground. The uncooked carcasses of the dead chickens are possessed by the angry souls of Native Americans, and begin to kill, and possess, all those who work, and eat there. It's a pretty incredible concept, and one of the coolest things about Troma films, is the political and environmental messages in their films. Lloyd practically takes a dig at everyone in this film, by calling out the unfair and disgusting work practices in fast food franchises, mega-conglomerates killing small businesses with cheap practices, the displacement of Native American land by corporations for profit, and the last one is even more relevant now, considering all the trouble happening at Standing Rock this year. Not only does he depict the right as fear mongering tyrants, he definitely picks on the left quite a bit, mostly by calling out trust-fund college protesters for being hypocrites and not really doing much to help anything. Not a whole lot of film-makers do that now-a-days, with most of Hollywood pushing their own ideologies on the world, both overwhelmingly liberal, and... uhhh, Clint Eastwood picking up the conservative rear. I personally lean towards the left, but the fact there are people like Lloyd Kaufman in the world, poking fun at both sides, is just wonderful. That is my favorite thing in this movie, and practically everything else he has written and directed.

With the success of The Toxic Avenger: The Musical, do you think we'll ever see a theater adaptation of Poultrygeist? With it's witty and satirical songs against fast food, and major corporations, I think it would be smash hit, and relatable in todays society. It's very reminiscent of another well known Troma musical, Cannibal! The Musical, by Trey Parker. The songs are catchy, well constructed, and absolutely hilarious. Even writing this now, all I can hear is "When I rolled out of bed today, little did I know Wendy was gay...", and so on. I could see this up there with The Book of Mormon, and I'm going to be surprised if this never gets any kind of theater adaptation.

Other than the movie itself, I absolutely love the documentary that comes with the DVD and Blu-ray. Poultry in Motion captures all of the disfunction and frustration that comes with making a Troma movie. I thought Lloyd was going to have a stroke the entire time, seeing him lose his mind over everything and everyone. It's a hilarious, but also an insightful documentary, literally showing you the day to day life of an independent film-maker working on his next masterpiece. It gives you a behind look at every job on the film; make-up, lighting, sound, director of photography, set building, everything. I've watched it a few times, and it's something I love to watch when I want to get motivated to work on my projects, and I wouldn't be surprised if film school teachers have shown their students this. I would.

Lastly, thanks to Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma team for uploading these movies on to Youtube for free, so that anyone who wanted to get into Troma, can see the best of his work, including all of the other films Troma produced and released. I already own Poultrygeist on DVD and Blu-ray, but knowing I could watch these for free on the go is just the coolest, and if it weren't for this channel I wouldn't of watched a lot of what Troma offers in their catalog. I want you to please check this movie out, you won't be disappointed, especially if you're a gore-hound who has a fondness for chickens and Native Americans. I'll link the movie, and the documentary below. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

"Evil Dank": How to Crush a Human Head, CHEAP

Awhile back, my friend Ty, and I were trying to create a special effect for our short film, "The Mass Murder". The idea we came up with was myself, crushing his head with a sledgehammer. We had to figure out how to do this, because we've never really done "fancy" special effects before. Thanks to Lloyd Kaufman's books and films, I finally found out how to do this, and I spent less than $10 on the whole gag. It's cheap, it looks cheap, but check it out.

Here's what you need: A cantaloupe, red jello, generic fake blood, red food coloring, and tissue paper.

How to construct: Grab the cantaloupe and cut a hole into it, maybe 2 inch radius. Don't take the guts out, but soften them up and scoop them around a bit. Grab the jello, fake blood, and extra food coloring, and mix into a bowl until the jello is completely mushy. Pour the mixture into the cantaloupe, mix it around to get all of the fruit guts mixed in there. Cap it, add a wig, and fucking PRESTO. Time to crush it!


Repugnant Review: Video Violence 1 and 2 (1987) - Gary P. Cohen

Another thanks to Ty, again, for letting me borrow his box-set of "The Basement", which comes with a VHS copy of "The Basement", and a 3 disc DVD set with the main film, and a few other "lost" super 8 horror films. Man, is this cool. The big box vhs cover is so nostalgic of those old Wizard Video big box cases. Even though the main movie is the bulk of this box set, a couple movies stood out. I'm talking about Video Violence 1 and 2, the gritty, gory, blood soaked super 8 films by Gary P. Cohen. How could you not check out these movies, just by name alone. "Video Violence"... imagine all the ridiculous possibilities. Video Violence follows a husband and wife who open up a video store in a small hick town. They come to find that all the locals prefer horror films and the occasional porno, but it gets really out of hand once the store starts finding unmarked tapes in the return bin, showing real people being killed by the deranged townsfolk. In Video Violence 2, two of the killers from the first film, Howard and Eli, starting there own TV show out of their basement. They basically just murder people on live TV, with other aspiring psychopaths sending in their own videos to be shown on the show. Very bizarre but very interesting scenarios. Everything a gore mongering camp fiend could ask for.

These movies are very reminiscent of Herschell Gordon Lewis' films, with it's dark humor, over the top gore, and less than spectacular acting, this basically hits the nail on the head as far as splatter movies go. Sure, the acting is bad, but isn't kind of supposed to be? I love that kind of stuff, and just because it's "bad", it's still entertaining. The killers were incredibly fun, and since I work in a video store, I had a fun connection to the main character. The plot for the first Video Violence is just great. A town full of horror fans who make their own snuff and terrorize the video store owners for being massive prudes. It's pretty damn hilarious. The deaths are absolutely over the top, but I enjoyed. Messy, blood splattered, gore-soaked greatness. Video Violence really pushes the comedy element much more than the first, and the blood and gore is turned up to fucking eleven. It's basically a horror/anthology type film, kind of like the V/H/S movie series today. Eli and Howard are incredibly entertaining, a couple of blood thirsty hicks going out of their way to please their fans.

Video Violence 1 and 2 are the perfect movies to watch on a Friday with a huge group of friends. You'll laugh, flinch, and cringe through these films and beg for more. So what I want you to do is pick up some drinks, pick up some weed, and order a fat fucking pizza, because you're going to have a blast chilling out and watching these ridiculous ass movies. Let me know what you think!

Repugnant Review: The Wizard of Gore (1970) - Herschell Gordon Lewis

Yesterday, one of my Amazon packages came in the mail, and I was excited to see that it was the one that contained my Herschell Gordon Lewis blu-rays! Maybe I was too excited, but I never actually owned physical copies of these movies. I would just watch the shittiest rips and bootlegs I'd find through friends and the internet, but then I saw that Something Weird Video finally put them out on blu-ray. Two blu-rays, five movies. Fucking amazing. I purchased "The Blood Trilogy" which featured "Blood Feast", "Color Me Blood Red", and "2000 Maniacs", The other is the "Blood Drenched Double Feature, which consisted of "The Wizard of Gore", and "The Gore Gore Girls". I've seen most of them, but I had to watch my favorite one before I went to bed. Out of all of them, I watched "The Wizard of Gore". I've seen several rips of this movie, including bad vhs copies, dvd rips, youtube, etc etc, and I was so pleased to see this some-what restored. It was like watching it with new eyes. "The Wizard of Gore" follows a Tv talk show hostess and her boyfriend investigate the great Montag the Magnificent, a magician who can control people with his mind, and use them in his onstage torture show. The women he tortures on stage may be fine after the initial act, but later, the strength of his magic leaves the women, and they die the same way they were tortured on stage. It's a very neat concept, and it really gives Herschell a better chance to get more shock out of gory ideas, especially with the several acts of gruesome torture that occurs in the film.

I've seen this several times, so I obviously enjoy the movie, but even though this is a fun splatter flick, it does have it's flaws (flaws that can be definitely overlooked). They're the typical flaws you'd see in most HGL movies; bad acting, over the top "bad" special effects, and probably the most noticeable is (this movie at least) the poor sound. Everything kind of sounded it was recorded on a little tape recorded, mic pops and everything. Sure, it's obviously a low budget feature, but I've seen zero budget movies with better sound. I think what I, and many other people find appealing in these kind of movies, is the scope of how gory and adventurous Herschell got with these scenes. You know it's fake, I mean, really fake, but it doesn't take away from the scene, and it still somewhat grosses you out, and makes you squirm in delight. These are just incredibly fun movies, and you're always waiting to see what happens next. Is that woman going to be cut in half with a chainsaw? punctured by a metal press? stabbed through the head with a railroad spike? Herschell Gordon Lewis' mind went to some entertaining and brutal extremes to make some of the most innovative and shocking horror films of all time, and we love him for it.

I bought these movies for about $14 a piece, not bad for two blu-rays featuring some of the best splatter movies ever made. I'll post the links to Something Weird, Amazon, and the trailer below. I highly suggest this movie, so if you do buy it and watch it, tell me what you think! I'd love some feedback!



Friday, December 2, 2016

The Animation of Greg Ecklund: Lloyd's Lunchbox

Remember Lloyd's Lunchbox? I remember seeing clips of it back when I was 10 or 11, and I remember being completely mortified. Most of you probably remember clips of Lloyd's Lunchbox in the Korn video "Right Now", showing animations of an ugly man sneexing his brains out (literally), stabbing himself in the stomach, ripping his fingernails off, etc etc. Just some really sick shit. Little did we know is that those clips were from a set of small animated films by Greg Ecklund, and a few years ago I happened to come across a couple DVD's from Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. I only have two of them, but I think most of the Lloyd Lunchbox series are featured on these two. "How to Get Pronged" is probably the most disgusting one I've seen, but let me have you do the judging. Check out some of these shorts and let me know that you think.

Pissed that I couldn't find the 4th one, but here's the Korn video featuring Lloyd's Lunchbox.


The Mass Murder - A Horror Short - Chris Latour, Tyler Aucoin

From early October to late November, I worked on and acted in a short horror film called THE MASS MURDER, a tale about two siblings who break into an abandoned lodge to hunt for the mysterious ghost of a psychopath who went postal there decades before. Directed by Chris Latour, Written by Tyler Aucoin, and starring Emily Cawley, Tyler Aucoin, and myself.


My buddy Tyler also has his own horror blog, so check it out HERE

Repugnant Review: Feed (2005) - Brett Leonard

Feed plunges you into the deepest, darkest pits of fetish hell, shining light on one of the worlds weirdest and most unsettling fetishes to ever be created: FEEDERISM. Feederism is the act of obtaining sexual gratification by having your parter eat, and gain an obscene amount of weight. I've seen it many documentaries before. Usually a skinny guy stuffing Big Mac's down some 600 pound lady's gullet like a goddamn garbage disposal, getting off by the sight of her expanding flesh and weight gain. It's pretty fucked up, even for me, and Feed puts an even more disgusting spin on the subject. The movie follows a cybercrime detective (played by Patrick Thompson) trying to catch the mysterious sexual deviant (played by Alex O'Loughlin) after finding the "feederx" website, and fearing the women he feeds are in danger. It's a pretty solid set up, but what follows next is absolutely disturbing, especially once the detective finds out what the man does to his women...

Feed plays out more like a crime thriller other than just a straight up horror film, with incredible acting done by Patrick Thompson, and Alex O'Loughlin. I felt like crawling out of my seat when it came to the sexual feeder stuff, especially the scenes of the obese women, Diedre (played by Gabby Millgate), begging to eat, trying to reach her weight goals, and just the psychological hold this guy has on her. Deirdre is completely unaware of the danger she is in, which makes the whole situation even more unsettling. The power this man has over this women is extraordinary. Alex O'Loughlin is an absolute treat to watch. His sinister Hannibal Lecter like intellect, mixed with his psychopathic urge to commit these acts on desperate women... the guy is just devious. Absolutely sick. The tension between the detective and this fetishist is heavy, and my adrenaline was pumping every time they went at each other. The films twist absolutely sickened me, but I really don't want to spoil it. It's something that needs to be scene to believed because it is just that foul. Also, you ever wonder what the fat of obese women tastes like? Yeesh.

Like I said, this movie was an absolute thrill ride, making you squirm with just about every scene. Top notch acting, great filmmaking, and an absolutely fucked up plot made this a perfect sexploitative thriller. For awhile I thought the actress playing Diedre was an actual obese woman, making it all more believable, so kudos to the make up guys. If you're into crime thrillers/sexploitation/body horror, this is the movie for you. A perfect movie to show all of the fellas!

- Jake.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Repugnant Review: Bad Boy Bubby (1993) - Rolf de Heer

After quite the break for Thanksgiving and other festivities, I'm back at writing reviews. For the 1st of December, I'm reviewing something that I've always wanted to see, the Australian dark comedy, Bad Boy Bubby. This has been on my wish list for awhile now, and after spending a ton of money on movies recently, it's finally in my hands (thanks to Blue Underground). This movie stars Nicholas Hope, playing Bad Boy Bubby himself, and this has got to be one of the most deranged, funny, and thought provoking movies I've ever seen, especially for a movie with such subjects as murder, incest, and rape.

Bubby lives with his abusive mother in a shitty dark apartment. She suffocates him, sexually abuses him, and tells him that the outside world is full of poisonous gas, so he's been kept locked away since he's been a child. Bubby is only aware of what surrounds him, mostly repeating things his mom says and does. He's basically an adult with the mind of a child, sort of unaware to the harm of what his mother does to him, making all of the abuse seem normal. Everything gets worse when Bubby's estranged father comes back into the picture. Bubby eventually becomes jealous, and as his parents were sleeping, he wraps their faces in plastic wrap, killing them. This is when he makes his way to the outside world, adventuring into the unknown for the first time. The best part of this movie is the fact that Bubby is technically still a child. He's not necessarily a bad person, he just literally doesn't know any better. Bubby learns as he goes, and a lot of the time it just doesn't go his way. He gets in trouble with the law, goes to jail, and tries to figure out what the hell everything is about. His life gets turned around when he meets a rock band on the road, and eventually joins them as their lead singer. With the band, he embarks on a journey of self discovery and learns about the life he never had. It's incredibly touching actually, seeing this character come into his own after being locked up for his entire life.

Some of the sweeter scenes really happen towards the 3rd act, when Bubby is helping out at a special needs home and becomes intimate with a real disabled person. I don't say it much, but it was cute. Seeing two people, outsiders and freaks in their own right, have generally friendly emotions for each other. Bubby eventually falls in love with one of the nurses there, Angel, a cute curvy woman who lives with abusive, religious parents. It's an odd connection for sure, with Bubby being mentally off and all, but it's genuine. All Bubby needed was love, and by the end of this amazing feature, that's what he got. From being shackled and abused in an apartment for 30 years, to being in a kickass band, falling in love, and eventually having some sort of a normal life, it was a wonderful sight to see.

I totally get why some of the scenes in this movie might turn some people off, but it's necessary as to set up what kind of person Bubby is. Nicholas Hope's portrayal of this character was totally believable, and the change from how Bubby was in the beginning to what he becomes at the end is just extraordinary. You really saw this character change, and become his own person. If I knew Bubby, I would absolutely be his friend. Besides the great acting talent in this movie, the audio and cinematography were just incredible too. To record the dialogue in the movie, Rolf de Heer sewed in binaural microphones about both of his hears, so everything you hear in the movie, is what Bubby is literally hearing at the moment. The movie also used 31 different directors of photography up until the last 3rd of the movie, with each different scene being recorded by someone new to give the same feeling Bubby gets when he see's something new. Pretty fucking cool if you ask me. All in all, this movie was an absolute blast, disturbing as it is touching, and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a touching story with some hilarious and disturbing sequences.

- Jake

P.S. Am I the only one who thought Carmel Johnson (Angel) was kind of a babe?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Repugnant Review: Imprint (2006) - Takashi Miike

A few days ago I dropped a few bucks on Amazon and bought some movies off of my "Repugnant Wish List". I picked up four in total, but the one I've been dying to see is Takashi Miike's, IMPRINT. IMPRINT is part of the Masters of Horror series, but due to the disturbing content of the movie, it was banned from TV in the United States. For a country that prides itself on being "tough" and spewing "politically incorrect" rhetoric, it's full of pussies. Just with Takashi Miike's name attached to this, I new I was going into something absolutely crazy, and he surpassed anything I was expecting (like always). I've seen many trailers for this, and most of the time they only showed little clips of the infamous torture scene, but that isn't nearly as bad as what was to come. This dark film goes far past unsettling, and from what I saw, I could totally see why this was banned (you're all still pussies). Gore, sex, torture, pedofilia, incest, and abortion... quite a lot to pack into a one hour movie, but it really wouldn't be a Takashi Miike movie without it being as extreme as it is. Time to sit back, spark a bowl, and go through what makes this one of the most disturbing and unsettling movies ever made.

The short synopsis of Imprint goes as follows: "In 19th century Japan, an American journalist (played by Billy Drago, HILLS HAVE EYES) searches for the prostitute he'd loved and left behind years earlier. But on an island where demons and whores rule the night, a deformed courtesan awaits with a tale of extreme cruelty and perverse vengeance. What follows is an unspeakable orgy of torment and depravity, where the lusts of the damned will inflict woulds that remain forever. This is IMPRINT". This is putting it fucking lightly. Once the journalist meets the deformed woman, she tells him the entire story of what happened to his love. Supposedly, his lover stole a valuable Jade ring from the head mistress of the whore house, and she was brutally tortured into confessing, in which she never confesses too because she didn't do it... This is what most people see looking at trailers and images. The woman getting sharp needles stuck down her finger nails, gums, and being hung up side down by one leg. Honestly, it's not even the most disturbing part. It gets very unsettling once the deformed woman starts telling the truth about the situation, and reveals the horrible nature of her upbringing. For those who would be easily upset by abortion, incest, and pedophilia... don't even fucking watch it... it's a roughie, but thanks to my love for these kind of films, I truly enjoyed it. Per usual, I'm not spoiling shit, but I will go into why I enjoyed this, and other factors I found absolutely wonderful.

For those who know me, I love Takashi Miike's work. From Audition, Ichi the Killer, 13 Assassins, Gozu, Visitor Q, etc etc, Miike perfectly mixes beautiful cinematography and grotesque imagery, and this Masters of Horror feature is no exception. One of the biggest complaints I've heard about this movie, was that the Japanese actors and actresses spoke clear english, but it didn't bother me, and it didn't take anything away from the film itself. I think my favorite part of the movie has to be the make up and special effects. The deformed woman's face looked incredible, with her slit mouth and fleshy eye, the torture scene with the needles being pushed into the nail beds and gums. I truly cringed at it all, especially when it comes to shit being stabbed into nails, UHG. Just like the rest of Miike's work, I applaud this film. It went passed my expectations, and I saw things I never thought I would. If you think you're ready to step into this, go for it. It's a beautifully made film, and I would suggest this to anyone who wants to take their love for horror to another level. I picked it up on Amazon for $6, talk about cheap, so don't be an asshole and download it, spend the $6 and buy it!

- Jake.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Repugnant Review: Andre the Butcher (2005) - Philip Cruz

LESBO CHEERLEADERS, ESCAPED CONVICTS, HUMAN CHILI... RON JEREMY! If you're a fan of these various topics, then I think you'll enjoy ANDRE THE BUTCHER. This is what I consider a "high school classic", just one of those movies my friends and I watched constantly. Not that is was "really great" movie or anything, it's just fucking hilarious. ANDRE THE BUTCHER, is a 2005 sleazy slasher movie, written and directed by Philip Cruz, and starring none other than the Hung Hedgehog himself, Ron Jeremy. We follow a group of Cheerleaders on there way to a competition and get stranded a long the way. Since Cheerleaders are the brightest in these kind of films, they walk to a house they find in the middle of nowhere, and who owns this house your ask? Well, no shit, ANDRE THE BUTCHER. Let's discuss some of the hilarity that ensues in this ridiculous slasher flick.

When you see the cover to this movie, you're like, "Holy shit, this looks pretty nasty. Huge guy covered in blood holding a knife and cleaver, WHAT COULD GO WRONG?". I see this more as a comedy than anything else, and that's not a big issue. The reason this movie just works is mostly due to Andre himself. I thought Ron's acting was hilarious, as if he wasn't really taking the roll too seriously. ANDRE THE BUTCHER's mannerisms were the best part, especially this "touchdown" gesture he would make every time he would kill something. His silliness doesn't take away from the movie, because as funny as Andre can be, he is just as brutal. He spends most of the film stalking the Cheerleaders, but a couple of escaped convicts hold them hostage inside the butchers house. This movie is a little guilty in trying to cram in as many sub plots as it can, but at least they're small. We have the religious girl who's conflicted with her desires for other women, A chunky cheerleaders who's ashamed of her weight and likes the dude cheerleader, escaped convicts who actually aren't really bad dudes, a sheriff who's a major piece of shit... and comic relief, ANDRE THE BUTCHER. These boring little subplots are brilliantly broken up by Andre and his antics. If it weren't for Ron Jeremy, this movie wouldn't even be worth watching. He stole the show.

The effects were pretty great, especially for a low budget slasher like this. Lots of great dismembering gags, and just blood spraying all over the place. Every time so one gets slashed, a few gallons of blood are going to come rushing out. There was even a little scene where Andre picks a scab off of his arm and eats it, fucking gross, but awesome. There was even a really awesome scene of Andre jumping away from an exploding car. Bad. Ass. I know I've picked on the plot a bit, but all in all, it was a really fun movie. Hilarious, sleazy, bloody, and an over all decent movie. I'll post the trailer below, and let me know what you think. It'll probably be pretty cool seeing Ron Jeremy poke a chick on video with something other than his dick (THIS WON'T BE THE LAST MOVIE I REVIEW WITH MR. JEREMY IN IT).

- Jake.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Blood Feast is getting a remake?!

I can't believe this went over my head. After a day of Herschell Gordon Lewis and remembering his brilliance, I stumbled across an article about the BLOOD FEAST remake coming out this year. I'm a little biased when it comes to horror/exploitation remakes, but I was pretty intrigued with with what I saw. You got Robert Rusler from NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2, Caroline Williams from TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 and HATCHET 3, Sophie Monk from THE HILLS RUN RED, and the trailer was pretty fun right off the bat. The gore already looks fantastic, and it even seems to be staying fairly close to the material... even if the original didn't really have a great plot to begin with. I have high hopes for this, and even though the writer and director of this film worked on SEED 2, it might be a pretty fun little movie. So far I haven't seen a release date, but it is scheduled to come out this year. Check it out for yourself. You think Herschell would enjoy this? Let me know!

Fuad Ramses and his family have moved from the United States to France, where they run an American diner. Since business is not going too well, Fuad also works night shifts in a museum of ancient Egyptian culture. During these long, lonely nights he is repeatedly drawn to a statue representing the seductive ancient goddess ISHTAR. He becomes more and more allured by the goddess as she speaks to him in visions. Eventually he succumbs to her deadly charms.

After this pivotal night, Fuad begins a new life, in which murder and cannibalism become his daily bread. He starts to prepare a ritual FEAST to honor his new mistress, a lavish affair dripping with BLOOD, organs, and intestines of human victims. As butchered bodies are heaped upon the Altar of Ishtar, Fuad slowly slips further into madness, until he is no more than the goddess’s puppet; and she thirsts for the blood of Fuad’s wife and daughter too…

"A crazed blood drenched reworking of the splatter classic" - FRIGHTFEST UK

"A remake the godfather of gore should be proud of" - NYC HORROR FILM FESTIVAL

"This is more than a remake, it's the revolution of a classic" - STUFF FILM FESTIVAL

"A dark, deranged and surprisingly psychological quote on H.G. Lewis gore cassic" - SHOCK TILL YOU DROP

"BLOOD FEAST is a delicious splatter fest that will have horror hounds going back for seconds" - BLOODY DISGUSTING

"You can't escape the darkness of BLOOD FEAST!" - HORRORSOCIETY.COM

- Jake

Monday, September 26, 2016

5 Herschell Gordon Lewis Films You Need To See

These 5 films by the Godfather of Gore are my favorites, so they're not in any particular order. If you're not familiar with Herschell Gordon Lewis, or his films, I highly suggest these films. They're very gory and sleazy, so if seeing women getting dismembered with a chainsaw, or naked, isn't your thing... Don't watch 'em... prude.


An Egyptian caterer kills various women in suburban Miami to use their body parts to bring to life a dormant Egyptian goddess, while an inept police detective tries to track him down.


A ditsy reporter enlists the help of a sleazy private eye to solve a series of gory killings of female strippers at a Chicago nightclub.


A TV talk-show hostess and her boyfriend investigate a shady magician whom has the ability to hypnotize and control the thoughts of people in order to stage gory on-stage illusions using his powers of mind bending.

4. 2000 MANIACS!

Six people are lured into a small Deep South town for a Centennial celebration where the residents proceed to kill them one by one as revenge for the town’s destruction during the Civil War.


Mrs. Pringle and her son Rodney run a wig store which they stock by scalping young coeds who show up to look at the “room for rent.”



Herschell Gordon Lewis: A Tribute

I remember buying a copy of Basket Case on DVD when I was thirteen, and I know what you're thinking, HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS DIDN'T MAKE BASKET CASE!!! Well no shit, I was getting to that. I remember opening up the case, and seeing an advertisement from SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO. Man did it look cool, a mini catalog full of vibrant and gory pictures, most of which were from Herschell himself. Seeing ads for films like BLOOD FEAST, WIZARD OF GORE, and 2000 MANIACS, my fragile morbid mind couldn't handle it, I had to see them. Through, sadly, illegal means, I watched a couple of the movies through torrents (Remember Limewire anybody? and don't worry, I own them now) and I was floored. It was nothing I've seen before. Gross and sleazy stylistic gore at it's finest and I began cramming my head with more and more HGL. To me, movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th were child's play now, I want more sleaze and gore! Sure, the plots don't make sense, and the acting is pretty terrible, but HGL knew what he was doing when he made those films, and little did he know with his film BLOOD FEAST, he would create an entire new genre. Splatter came bashing in, and soon the world was obsessed with violent and sleazy cinema. Not only is he the "Godfather of Gore", he's considered in my book as the "God of Extreme Horror".

Sadly, as most of you know, Herschell Gordon Lewis passed away today. He was 87 years old. I'm sure that this was a huge blow to everyone who loved him, and his work. In honor of Herschell, I'm definitely going to be playing BLOOD FEAST, and many more of his films tonight, as I'm sure many are doing. Rest in Peace Herschell, The Godfather of Gore!

- Jake.

Interested in picking up some of Herschell's movies? Click Here!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

REPUGNANT REVIEW: My Pure Joy - James Cullen Bressack

Borrowed this movie from a friend of mine months ago and finally got around to watching it after making a list of things to watch. Just by looking at the cover and reading the synopsis, I was weary. Was this going to be just a low budget, cookie cutter slasher movie, or something completely twisted and unrelenting? Sadly, all I got from this was the former, a cheap, low budget, and boring mess. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible, and I honestly thought it was going to be great after the beginning murder sequence, but it all just went down hill from there. Diologue that just runs on forever, boring actors who act terribly, and the lack of any substance within the story, defintely makes for a crap movie. Lets dig into this turd before I flush it down for good.

The movie revolves itself around it's main character, Adam, who's got serious daddy issues, and a great love for violent horror movies. He spends most of the film talking about girls and horror movies with his friends than actually killing anyone. I guess the whole point of the movie was that he's kind of blurred the line between reality and pretend, killing people based on deaths he's seen in movies. For example, one of the first deaths in the movie was based off of the infamous shower scene from Hitchcock's "Psycho", although a much more violent version of that. I was pretty amped by this, just because I thought of the fact that paying homage to classic gory movie scenes would be kind of cool... but it totally missed the mark. The "Psycho" one was the only one I could really place, and the other deaths were just pretty boring. It did have that one "shock" scene, in which he stabs a girls pussy and shows the penetration... but you could really tell how fake it was, and the acting in general just wasn't convincing enough. Between all of these lame deaths, are long and drawn out conversations with his two stoner buddies. These hang out sessions would last what felt like forever, and I got sooooo bored with them. I had to rewatch a few scenes, because I kept getting distracted from the movie. It was just a boring and bland mess.

Luckily, I borrowed this from a friend, therefore I didn't have to spend money on the dull sack of shit. I don't want to be too rough, it does look like there was some effort put into this movie, but more like the effort of a couple stoners who said to themselves one day "Hey, dude, we should make a fucking horror movie". It reminds me of the times I've made horror movies with friends back in High School; write about how these people would die, then adlib all of the dialogue. It seems just like that. Maybe this will help the director out though, as far as getting some funds for his next movie, and maybe putting together something a bit better. Everyone has their shitty beginnings, so hopefully we see some gold come out of this.

- Jake.

REPUGNANT REVIEW: Antichrist - Lars Von Trier

It's about time I finally watched and reviewed this movie, considering it's been featured on every "Top Disturbing Movie" list I could find, and I couldn't be anymore happy with what I witnessed. Lars Von Trier blew me away with this film, the acting from Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg was phenomenal, the cinematography was absolutely beautiful, and the feeling I got from this film, the feeling of complete dread and isolation was superb. Some may write this off as artistic porn, but my god, it was just a remarkable film. I'm honestly not too familiar with a lot of Lars Von Trier's movies, but this really made me want to see more of his work. Just based on this film, I can already see the genius in this guy. But let's dive deeper, and I'll discuss in detail about what makes this disturbing masterpiece one of the best movies I've seen in awhile.

Antichrist is a movie about a married couple who try to cope with the recent and tragic death of their son. The opening scene just sets everything up perfectly, with a beautifully shot sex scene between our characters, "He and She", mixed with clips of their son wandering around the home, and eventually climbing up to the window where he slips and falls. My first shock was seeing the penetration during the sex scene. It's not something I'm normally used too in movies (porn on the other hand...), and I think the last time I saw any penetration in any film was "Gutterballs", and at that time I thought is was silly, but this fit pretty well, considering it is a very intense and sexual scene. Defintiely not for someone who is sensitive to sexual subjects, but for me, it was just a shocker, and I wasn't too weirded out by it. If you're shocked by something like this, there is no way you could last through the entire movie. Another thing I'd like to add is how incredible Charlotte Gainsbourg is in this. She is a truly amazing actress, and really plays the part of a greiving mother, who is slowly going insane.

Everything really goes down hill once they get to a place called "Eden", an isolated place in the middle of the woods. Thats when they begin to be plagued by visions of their dead son, and everything involved in nature, especially a scene where Willem Dafoe see's a deer trying to give birth to a dead fawn, and runs away with half of it sticking out. Truly disturbing, but it just keeps that dreadful atmosphere going up until the very end, and that's when the two most disturbing scenes happen in the film. I won't spoil it for you, but it does involve both of the characters genitals... and it's rough.

I dont't want to repeat myself too much, but I loved this movie. Everything about it was superb, and I will recommend this to anyone who truly wants to experience this movie. Give your friends a heads up though, because not too many people can handle the sexual and violent content of this movie. I might even watch this again later tonight, and possibly even get Ty to check this out. Take what you will out of this review, and give it a watch. I think I payed just $12 for the blu-ray on Amazon, and it's worth every penny. Enjoy!

- Jake.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

MULTIPLE MANIACS: The Re-release of John Waters Second Filth Masterpiece

John Waters, the master of filth and sleaze, is getting help from Criterion and Janus Films to re-release his second feature film, Multiple Maniacs. The 1970 obscure classic is centered around Divine, and her side show circus of freaks and sickos. The show, also know as "Lady Devine's Cavalcade of Perversions", is more of a set up to kidnap and kill anyone who attends the show, and going from town to town spreading filth where they go. I'm honestly excited with this, because I already own and have seen it a couple times. Even last week I re-watched it after hearing about this re-release, and getting myself amped up to see a great restored version of this movie. The VHS copy I have isn't terrible, but the video and sound quality is so dated, and nearly impossible to watch on a flatscreen. Luckily I had a little shitty tube tv with a built in VCR in my closet... how wonderful.

Multiple Maniacs, much like the movies to follow after, is a ridiculously silly and shocking film which pokes fun at the prudes and hippies of that time. Anything gross you can think of to piss off the light-hearted, John Waters does. I remember my first time watching it, and one of the carnival freaks in the movie was called "The Puke Eater", he just sat on the floor and ate a big pail of vomit. I was totally disgusted, but at the same time it was hilarious, especially picturing myself showing this movie to my friends and family. It does it's job of shocking you, but it's also very funny, and another thing I'd like to add is that this movie was pure anarchy. John Waters really knew how to stick it to the man with his films, whether there was a message or not. Shocking people and pissing them off has got to be a great feeling, especially with such a crazy film such as Multiple Maniacs.

I'm not even sure what to say about the film without spoiling anything, because it's just one of those movies you want to make people see. I guess you'll have to wait until the movie is re-released. The only thing is that I haven't seen a release date yet, for the theatrical release, and the blu-ray. If you're ansty, you could probably find a copy of it on ebay for a decent price, or if you're lucky like me, you'll find it in some rundown Savers for twenty five cents. This movie is not for the faint of hearts, but if you're already into his other films, especially Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble, you'll most certainly like it.

- Jake


John Waters/Dreamland

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lights Out Review by Tyler Aucoin

Every time a PG-13 Horror film is released, I stop for a second and wonder if it's going to be something legitimately captivating, or yet another vicious cash grab. I can safely, and proudly, declare that Lights Out is most definitely the former of the two. We open in a dimly lit warehouse, with the sight of mannequins grouped and scattered about. There has always been something unsettling to me about the sight of mannequins, but truthfully,that's not exactly where the real horror lies. Lurking in the darkness is something much more sinister.

Our film centers around a family living in Los Angeles. We have the mother, Sophie (Maria Bello), who suffers from an obvious mental disorder, her son Martin (Gabriel Bateman), and her daughter Rebecca (Teresa Palmer). From what we can infer, it appears Rebecca had to distance herself from her own mother at some point. She lives alone in a dingy downtown apartment, but for a character such as Rebecca, this does not affect her in the slightest. Besides, she is not always alone. With the company of her boy toy Bret (Alexander DePersia), she seems to find a way to get through (most of) the nights until the lights go out and she sends him packing. The acting for most of these characters is solid, with the exception of Bret. I wouldn't exactly hold it against him, for my concern lies more with the way his character is designed to be at Rebecca's beckoning call, even when she pushes him away at certain points in the film.

Martin begins to have horrific experiences where his mother is communicating and interacting with someone she refers to as Diana. From what he can tell, Diana does not seem to be, or even act, remotely human. Martin is left to assume who, or what, she could be, and is only given hints by what he sees and feels through the darkness. Rebecca mentions to Martin that she used to have nightmares about Diana when she was his age. Are these only nightmares, or is Diana much more real than we're led to believe?

If there's one thing to say for Lights Out, it's that the scares are not cheap, and that's not something you hear every day about a Horror film. I suppose you could classify a couple of them as “jump scares”, but I would say aside from those, they are very much earned and work effectively. Contrasts between light and darkness are drawn from multiple Horror films over the years, but Lights Out manages to truly play with the lighting in most scenes. This keeps us on the edge of our seats, waiting for Diana to emerge from any available darkness, and at any given moment.

It's honestly hard to say too much without attempting to spoil anything, so I will wrap this up as clearly and concise as possible. The story is one of the best things this film has going for it. There are too many films where the monster exists, just because. Diana's story is ultimately freaky, and may stick with you long after you've departed the theater. I, for one, was looking around the establishment every time the ceiling panels would crack, or when a nearby theatergoer rocked in their chair. You're not going to find excessive amounts of gore and language here, and I am totally okay with that. Lights Out doesn't need those factors to chill you to your core, just a couple of shots of Diana rocking back and forth in the darkness, scratching at the floor, was enough for me to keep the lights on.

- Tyler Aucoin