Monday, September 28, 2015


Hello freaks, bloodhounds, perverts, and everything in between...

Welcome to The Repugnant Playhouse, a blog dedicated to obscure and obscene film from all around the world. I started this originally as a "horror" blog, but the genre itself breaks into so my different sub-genre's, and as much as I love the genre as a whole, my mind has always been set to the absurd and grotesque. I mean I wouldn't be here typing all of this shit if it wasn't for horror movies such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Halloween, but movies like The Toxic Avenger, Nekromantik, The Wizard of Gore, and Pink Flamingos that shaped my tender mind into the dysfunctional weirdo that is myself. I absolutely love it. All of the smut, shock, schlock... and that's why I'm here... to blog and share the movies and future films that continue to make me laugh, cringe, and throw up (Sometimes at the same time).

Expect a lot of reviews, art, films (if I can find any free ones online, I'll link you), and some interviews. Also, if you have any film recommendations or anything (I MEAN ANYTHING), send me an email. My addiction is your shitty info source so hold on tight, I'll be posting a lot.



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